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  • Samsung Galaxy fire blamed in evacuation of Southwest flight

    sog35 said:
    This is friken RIDICULOUS.

    All Samsung phones need to be confiscated from all flights. PERIOD.

    They need to be collected and stored in an air tight/fire proof safe for the entire flight.

    These phones are as dangerous as dynamite. 
    Why the HELL is the govt not doing anything?
    No, they should be collected, smashed, and recycled, therefore out of their owners missery, we should then have a support group that helps the former owners learn to make better choices...
  • Investors buoyed by report claiming Apple, Disney are potential Netflix buyers

    Don't care who buys them, as lo as they start offering movies again. I mean I love Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but I bought Netflix for movies, and it has been about 8 months since I watched a Netflix movie. And the catelogue is shrinking. Dramatically. I used to wait a few weeks after a movie hit iTunes to see if it would be a rent, buy, or Netflix. Now I am just buying the movies I want when they come out, because I know there is about a 5% chance at best it will go to Netflix....
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook to headline Sen. Orrin Hatch's Utah Tech Tour on Friday

    Hatch is an ignorant, backward, pathetic and immoral sack of shit who first campaigned on term limits, in 76. If Cook slapped him until he couldn't stand, he would deserve a presidential Medal of Honor.
  • Apple's first iOS 10.1 beta enables iPhone 7 Plus bokeh 'Portrait' mode

    Not bad. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was afraid it might not be interesting at all. That is pretty good. It's no portrait lens on a DSLR, but it is pretty amazing. Given that phones and the iPhone in particular are already the most used cameras, I don't see how point and shoot cameras are still being made with photo results like these. 
  • Sprint & T-Mobile offer free iPhone 7 with trade-in, Sprint knocks $100 off 256GB model

    williamh said:
    The bad: You have to go with T-Mobile or Sprint for service.
    T-Mobile has been great so far for me.  Very good service in the DC suburbs. Free Lyft rides.  Free subway sandwich last Tuesday.  Free data and texting on my trip to Japan.  Free iPhone 7 now.  What did AT&T ever do for me?
    Well, I can't say what AT&T did for you, but what they did for me was having a usable network. Can't say the same for T-Mobile. Likely switching back if AT&T will cover the switch cost. Damn shame too, because T-Mobile has faster data, they just have a dead spot every 2-300 meters.