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  • Epic asks Apple to reinstate developer account so it can re-release 'Fortnite' in Korea [u...

    They’re using Apple’s intellectual property (thousands of APIs) to build their app. These are not open source to my knowledge and are likely licensed to them under Apple’s terms. Apple spends a boatload of money developing all of these “building blocks.” If they decide they don’t want someone using their licensed software, especially someone who is not paying for it, then so be it. Just my opinion.
  • Epic calls Apple's 'Fortnite' & developer tool block 'overbroad retaliation'

    The hearing has disappeared from Judge Chen’s calendar tomorrow. Trying to figure out why.
  • Why did Apple buy up another $20B in stock at record highs?

    Can someone help me understand why Apple continues to perform accelerated share repurchases from large institutions at significant premium to market prices (30%+) rather than just exclusively purchasing shares on the open market? I had always assumed it was because such massive open market buying would bid up market prices to about that same level, but as this article states, they were able to buy 40 million shares on the open market for $10 billion, versus only 30 million shares via ASRs for the same price. Not only are they rewarding the firms with enough power to pump and dump the stock, but they’re basically losing money by overpaying for those shares. What gives? Serious question.
  • Hands on with Apple's new Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR

    Bought two of these (Max) and received them yesterday. Here are my initial impressions:
    -They are a little harder to remove than previous versions, maybe there is a break-in period. Material feels great.
    -There is a lip on the bottom of the phone for some reason, a departure from other Apple silicone/leather X/XS cases, so the swipe up home gesture felt funny for a few tries.
    -Despite the capacity controversy, they seem to be only capable of charging half of the phone’s battery capacity in my usage, so one case will get me from 0 to 50%. I have the phone in low power mode with the screen off when charging for this test.
    -Perhaps my biggest disappointment: I just replaced all my Mophie flat pucks and 29-watt iPhone lightning docks with the amazing new Logitech stand Apple worked with them on, and have them all over the house. Typically I used to leave one or both batter cases charging when not in use. The cases appear to charge in this stand (case LED turns amber), but at a very slow rate (8 hours got the case from 0 to 20%; just the case, without the phone). The Apple support article says if the case charges slowly, make sure the Apple logo is centered on the puck. The odd thing is, the Apple logo on the case seems to be right about in the middle of the phone, in other words it’s in the same position as the sweet spot of the phone. Nonetheless, I had to bring out the pucks again and it took several attempts to get it positioned just right to charge at a decent pace. Looks like I must go back to the lightning dock with 29-watt USB-C adapter and cables, but if the case only ups my iPhone 50%, not sure it’s worth it. The iPhone 7 case nearly got the phone fully recharged.
    -It feels amazing in the hand!!