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  • Spotify, others complain to EU about Apple's 'unfair' App Store practices

    Wow, I like apple but the fan boy level on these comments is ridiculous. It seems the majority of you guys are pro-market place monopolies. @RadarTheKat: This is not the same as a movie theater charging higher prices for wares as the movie theater doesn't compete against the chip and coke manufacturers. Apple is running a marketplace and completing in said market place. When I as a consumer have no other way to get the Spotify App on my phone but via Apple (marketplace owner) who then places said company at disadvantages to the marketplace owners own offering then you have an anti competitive & anti consumer model. To others.... Spotify is beating Apple in free and paid sub numbers. I'm sure they are probably losing money but then the streaming business hasn't ever made money. Apple only does ok because its really a value add to there real product of hardware so they don't really need to. @Genovelle: while your comment is right in the sign up process of Spotify being able to stop Apple getting 0% of the sign up dollar. The issue is around competitiveness, traditionally under monopoly laws we have not allowed the market place owner (Apple) to complete directly against the a vendor (spotify) This was due to the unfair market position the market place owner resides in. There is no difference here and we should all be concerned about Apple, Google, Amazon etc all pulling this garbage as it is not good for the consumer at all. Consumers are lazy so having extra steps one has to go through disadvantages Apple's competitors compared to the home grown offering. @Jungmark: yes and as we are seeing the negative effects in that space. Consumers are being left with less choice, no other options to purchase different products easier or often worse products. It has also lead to abuses in negotiation of contracts for a fair price of goods from suppliers which hurts employees and other suppliers down stream... Seriously you all need to get out of your apple fan boy bubble as this is a massive issue which goes beyond just Apple.
    Consumers are not stupid dude .Its thinking like this that has allowed the EU to grow up into such a powerful regulatory state.
  • UK government to initiate tax crackdown on tech firms holding earnings offshore

    The entire continent of Europe is going down the drain.High taxes & importing terrorists are not a good thing.
  • Text of FCC 'Proposal to Restore Internet Freedom' released, eradicates net neutrality rul...

    Good job FCC.
    Let the competition commence.
    The less regulation,the better.
  • Apple, other companies pull Skype from Chinese app stores at request of government

    Guys ,not enough folks use FaceTime & iMessage in China to justify a ban.They do have no FaceTime installed on UAE iPhones.
    So please stop the whining.
  • Apple accused of sharing Qualcomm's software secrets with Intel in new lawsuit

    Burn Qualcomm to the Ground!!!