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  • FBI investigation of Minn. mall mass stabbing may rekindle iPhone encryption debate

    What about not shooting to kill, but incapacitating the suspect like we do in Europe and other civilised countries? That way you can interrogate someone and not making assumptions about someone being a terrorist. I am always surprised with how trigger happy USA police officers are without actually using that grey matter.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for racial equality in light of US shooting deaths

    apple ][ said:
    Real smart Tim Cook! And real smart Obama! 

    Thanks to Obama and the entire liberal media, many police officers have been shot dead tonight, and many more wounded! The liberal media and the left has been on a Jihad against the police for a long time now. This is the result of their lies, their instigation and their rhetoric.

    I wonder if Obama will invite the shooters to the Whitehouse and give them a medal? The Whitehouse has hosted BLM before and Obama loves BLM.

    Once again, Apple is on the wrong side of history, taking sides with the bad guys.

    You need serious mental help. Why do you think we don't have that kind of BS here in Europe? Mostly liberal, left wing countries. You live in a scare mongering society, drenched in fear. Police officers are trigger happy, guns are easy to get and it's full of racists. Of course you'll end up with this kind of mess.
  • Florida man sues Apple for over $10B, claiming violation of 1992 'reading device' concept

    tzeshan said:
    This buy is a bastard.  Why he did not sue when Newton message pad came out?  Why he did not sue Amazon Ereader? He sues only because iPhones are making obnoxious money and it has nothing to do with his "patent".
    And why do you give an actual f*ck what he does? :-) The world is so much more interesting with idiots around.
  • New Chinese rules say Apple's App Store must track identities of users, developers

    redefiler said:
    So China is now like the EU but with a better economy and worse art?

    ... I kid, I kid!

    Oh wait, no not really.    B)
    Yeah, it's really like the EU isn't it? We have censorship here in the EU too, and when you publicly disagree with government, you go to prison. Oh wait, no not really!