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  • US Supreme Court greenlights lawsuit over App Store monopoly

    The problem is not with just Apple Store, but censorship. It is not Appe's business what applications should be allowed to run on device (except those that violate some local laws). We purchase that device to own it - not to lease it under strict contract. They can restrict apps on Apple Store, but then do not restrict people from haveing alternative stores. Disclaimers can be in place. I think this backfire of foolish concept of holding manufacturer liable for actions and abuse of others. So California uses that wicked logic and needs to continue along this narrative while it should verify it's foundations in the first place. Any tool in wrong hands could be misused, abused and used for illegal intent as well. No manufacturer should be liable in those cases.
    You may own the device, but you do not own the software on that device.
  • Apple to sell third-party streaming service subscriptions through 'TV' app, report says

    Can someone explain to me why Apple should get a cut of someone else’s subscription revenue? I’d ask the same question of Google or Microsoft or anyone else. Apple doesn’t host the content, they don’t do marketing or promotion. And if these companies could offer their own payment system in-app they would. If the argument is they wouldn’t exist were it not for Apple’s platform then why isn’t Apple taking a cut of every Uber and Lyft transaction?
    Operating expenses.
  • 'iBoot' leak may stem from low-level Apple engineer with ties to jailbreaking community

    bitmod said:
    lkrupp said:
    Well, my first question would be how could a “low-level” employee have clearance to access source code, the keys to the kingdom?
    Because Apple orchestrated this story to force compliance on updating the software and purchasing phones capable of iOS 10

    So, can you give me some of what you're smoking? Seems to be good stuff.
  • EU slaps Qualcomm with $1.23 billion fine over illegal chip payment to Apple

    gatorguy said:
    Rayz2016 said:
    So they paid Apple to use their hardware?

    Isn’t this what people usually call ‘a discount’?

    Not when it forces Apple to only use Qualcomm modems. Then it is called abuse of monopoly.  That is why Qualcomm was fined $1.3 BILLION. 
    Apple was never "forced" as demonstrated by their use of Intel in some iPhones. There are few entities that can FORCE Apple to do anything.

    Apple was willing to go along with Qualcomm pricing as long as it benefitted their business. Now it presumably doesn't. That's the gist of it. Apple still signs contracts with companies like Philips, LG, Ericsson, Nokia and others that collect royalties based on the entire device price and not just a component. When it is no longer in Apple's interests to do so, and as Apple becomes ever more powerful, they may cause a ruckus with those contracts as well.  They've started similar dust-ups with Nokia and Ericsson claiming unfair licensing practices in recent years only to come around to agreements with them too and settle out-of-court, and paying royalties to the IP owners based on a finished device cost just as Qualcomm would like to continue doing. 

    It's simple business and really nothing more, companies fighting over money to see who can keep more of it. PROFIT!

    It's folks like us on forums that make it into something nefarious because we're fans and proceed to make statements of "unfair, it's against the law", "it's not FRAND!", "no one else does this" and other claims of illegal dealings with little understanding of the industry licensing practices for standards-committed and non-essential IP.
    Umm, you do realize that by the time apple started to use intel, this agreement had already ended, right? this contract ended in 2016, which is the time apple started to use intel.
  • Android O, Google's response to Apple's iOS 11, will be revealed next Monday amid solar ec...

    Muntz said:
    gatorguy said:
    Soli said:
    gatorguy said:
    Comparing OS versions between iOS and Android is a bit misleading anyway. With iOS new features are delivered only via an OS update. With Android many of the very latest features are available to nearly every user.  Android owners aren't as dependent on the latest OS version as iOS users might assume.
    The foundation counts. You can't Bolt the spoiler of a Ford GT supercar onto a Ford Pinto and then claim the Pinto is just as good as the GT.
    Of course it matters just as I said. But if you are looking forward to some announced new Apple Maps feature there's only one way to get it. Same if you want an updated Calendar app. Or any other update of an Apple feature. With Google you can update to the very latest Google app features whenever Google offers them rather than waiting for your annual iOS update. Don't want to update some specific feature? No problem if you are on Android.  

    Here's what I suspect will be a surprising list of the Android enhancements that have been made available in just the past four months, totally independent of any OS update and available to almost any Google Android user regardless of OS version.

    Google Play Services8/10/17
    Android Pay8/9/17
    Phone (limited to Google's own devices)8/9/17
    Trusted Contacts8/9/17
    Android System Webview8/8/17
    News & Weather8/4/17
    Street View8/3/17
    Android Messages8/2/17
    Play Books8/2/17
    Play Movies8/1/17
    Play Games7/28/17
    Android Device Policy7/26/17
    Cloud Search7/25/17
    Play Music7/7/17
    Cloud Print7/5/17
    Play Newsstand6/13/17
    Pixel Launcher (limited to Google's own devices)6/6/17
    Find My Device5/17/17

    It's two different ways of trying to accomplish the same goals and both have advantages. 
    You’re so full of shit. Are you an editor on this site that just shit posts to drum up controversial conversations that drive arguments to bolster ad clicks?
    Actually, unless the operating system itself supports these features half of those won't work on older android versions.

    For example, talk back will still be crapp on android 4.4, but not in 7.0.