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  • US Supreme Court greenlights lawsuit over App Store monopoly

    The problem is not with just Apple Store, but censorship. It is not Appe's business what applications should be allowed to run on device (except those that violate some local laws). We purchase that device to own it - not to lease it under strict contract. They can restrict apps on Apple Store, but then do not restrict people from haveing alternative stores. Disclaimers can be in place. I think this backfire of foolish concept of holding manufacturer liable for actions and abuse of others. So California uses that wicked logic and needs to continue along this narrative while it should verify it's foundations in the first place. Any tool in wrong hands could be misused, abused and used for illegal intent as well. No manufacturer should be liable in those cases.
    You may own the device, but you do not own the software on that device.
  • A very false narrative: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple's iPhone

    Samsung is terrible at software.

    The galaxy s8 still drops frames on some workloads.
    What does that say about samsung.

    Tizen is another example of this.Samsung should keep to hardware Instead of competing with the big boys (google and apple).
  • Why Apple should cater to 'serious' gamers - and why it probably won't

    The fact is, Apple should offer top tier performance options, not just for gaming, but for pro developers, video and music. There are many that are willing to pay the premium for Apple's generally superior quality and aesthetics. Apple's lack of leading edge enhancements to it's Mac product line is really inexcusable and embarrassing. I also fear Apple is falling way behind in the "Cloud" market. This market is starting to impact the consumer market, which is where Apple lives and thrives. By ignoring this growing area, they are leaving themselves vulnerable.
    The same features that enable high performance gaming also lend themselves to scientific computing applications. I was under the impression that Jobs was interested in Macs being used for.

    Actually, scientific research is one of the many reasons that many buy it over windows hardware.
    In short terms, you get a refined unix operating system that runs commercial software, along with a flexible unix core.