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  • Hands on with all the new iOS 15 Messages features

    Undelete please.  Is that too much to ask for?
  • Editorial: Samsung hasn't copied Apple TV+ yet, but it's only a matter of time

    Safe?  Samsung is the best thing that ever happened to Apple.  They offer a dramatic comparison, soak up all the losses and provide a huge base of future Apple customers.
  • Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts to depart in April, hands mantle to Deirdre O'Brien

    Overpaid but glad she's leaving. She seemed very bright, but the reality is she turned the best retail experience ever into the DMV and basically added nothing but logistical complication. The threat of her possibly becoming CEO has me breathing a sigh of relief as she was not a good fit.

    The new head of people and retail seems like an AWFUL idea as she is basically head of HR, and now magically a master of retail?

    What would be great is if Deidre is temporary and they convince Ron Johnson to come back. He was great at this role. Apple would be lucky to get him back.
    She turned the best retail experience into the DMV? How so? 

    And what was great about Ron Johnson other than he ran Apple retail when it was a much smaller company?
    Um he CREATED apple retail. When everyone said it would never work. Go google the articles of it's doom. He pulled it out of his mind and made it what it was. The highest $ per square foot retail ever.  So yea, there's that teeny tiny creation thing.

    As for DMV, go to a store today. You're a pinball. She added logistical complication and ruined and poisoned the retail experience. Before, you'd go to the genius bar and deal with your issues.

    Now you show up, you try to find where to check in, there is no genius bar. You ask one employee, they say, um no, im not the check in person, go over there, thats where the check in person is. You go over there and say I'd like to check in. Oh I'm not the check in person, but they are right there. Then you check in and they send you to table X,Y over there. Some people go to the wrong table. The geniuses come looking for where you should be, but the person is in the wrong spot, and now the genius goes to 2 or 3 tables finding the right person. In the mean time, people who have problems are interspersed throughout the store with their poison "my iDevice doesnt work" griping, poisoning the buying experience around others.

    Before, you just went to the bar, you and your problems were isolated and didnt poison others' purchasing experience, and you didnt pinball through the miserable DMV experience. I used to love just stopping by at apple stores when Ron was in charge. I cringe if I have to go there now.  So that's how it's the DMV.
    You pretty much nailed it.  Human pinball in a dystopian retail experiment gone horribly wrong.  She. Is. The. Worst.
  • Rumor: Apple buying screens for 13" MacBook, could signal end of MacBook Air

    The MBA is the only remaining Apple laptop with a decent keyboard.