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  • Rumor: Apple buying screens for 13" MacBook, could signal end of MacBook Air

    The MBA is the only remaining Apple laptop with a decent keyboard. 
  • Epic and Samsung send 'Free Fortnite' care package with jacket, Galaxy Tab S7 to influence...

    tommikele said:
    They’re ignorantly harming their own case and building Apple’s grounds for damages. 

    Parading their popularity dismantles their position that Apple’s store’s rules have harmful effects on developers. Demonstrating that the title has enduring popularity can be used as grounds for Apple to elevate the value of a damages claim for Epic breaking the tos. 

    The problem Epic has: beyond a small fervent set of players: no one cares about their position. The longer the case draws out the more it harms themselves. Gamers get bored and move on to the next big thing.

    They’ve made a miscalculation if they think trying to make apple look like a bully has a tangible effect on Apple’s business. They’ve built an echo chamber that’s only close to their ears. 
    First let me make it clear I support Apple's position. That said ...

    The odds are about 100-1 you are not a lawyer, legal expert or any other kind of authority who knows what they are talking about. An ability to be somewhat articulate does not mean you really know squat about the topic you have chosen to opine about. It's a good thing for Epic that they did not come to you for legal advice and strategic planning.

    Apple may lose or Epic may lose, but let me assure you, they are both is a lot smarter than you are. You should also know Epic's popularity has nothing to do with the claims they have made against Apple or their attempt to weasel out of a contract. It's a lawsuit and not a popularity contest.
    I would be careful trying to determine who is “smarter” than whom.  Those professing to know such things are generally not part of the A team themselves.  Take that as a helpful hint.
  • Editorial: Samsung hasn't copied Apple TV+ yet, but it's only a matter of time

    Safe?  Samsung is the best thing that ever happened to Apple.  They offer a dramatic comparison, soak up all the losses and provide a huge base of future Apple customers.
  • Amazon Echo users report strange 'laugh' sound randomly played by Alexa [u]

    That would be Jeff Bezos.  Laughing at the idiots willingly - nay paying for the privilege of -  allowing him to listen to everything in their households.  
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  • Hands on with all the new iOS 15 Messages features

    Undelete please.  Is that too much to ask for?
  • Editorial: Apple is making us wait for a new iMac for no good reason

    The wait is not for no good reason.  The company is in a hot mess right now, leaderless and drifting out to sea.  Tim Cook has to go yesterday.  His lack of vision and holding people accountable for timelines has finally caught up to him.  The company just isn't as good as it was a few years ago, and as it should be.
    I realize that iPhones the bulk of the profits, but there will be no profits in the future if they don't get innovation AND execution right soon.
  • Apple to use mini LED backlighting in late 2020 iPad Pro

    Put 5G and MiniLED in it and I’ll buy.  This single technology update at a time thing is getting old, particularly for a company that used to be on the bleeding edge.
  • European Commission says Apple is in breach of EU competition law

    So I suppose that the EU wouldn’t mind if Apple activated a pop up reminding you that you already have access to Apple Music when Spotify notifies you of a cheaper alternative to an in app purchase?
  • HBO Max ditches tvOS API for homegrown solution, chaos ensues

    The HBOMax TvOS app has been unstable for quite a long period of time now - several weeks at least.  I gave up on it a couple of weeks ago and canceled my subscription.  Sounds like that was a good move!