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  • Apple denied Parler re-entry to the App Store despite guideline revision

    crowley said:
    Good, but heaven knows why it was allowed in the first place. Absolute cesspool. 
    So what if individuals write such horrible things

    So what if someone is offended

    You dont have a right to not be offended

    This is so facist

    George Orwell was right - his timing was just a bit off

    If you dont have complete free speech then you have tyranny - the moronic youth of today havent a clue

    Isnt it better to know who the dickheads are?

    Surely the free exchange of ideas is more important than some random persons feelings
  • How Apple Silicon Macs can supercharge computing in the 2020s

    jcc said:
    This article paints a too rosy picture of the transition. The fact of the matter is that moving away from x86 will end Mac’s “best of both worlds” status. That means no more running Windows software.
    In over 20 years and Thousands of both Mac & Windows Users I have serviced, I have yet to meet ONE person who wants or needs to run Windows on a Mac. It's two separate Worlds plain and simple. Anyone who thinks otherwise is FUBAR.
    Then you clearly are only looking after little old ladies with their home usage

    There are a lot of us who need to use Windows Software...that isn't available on the Mac - but hate Windows and would rather run in Parallels...

    Either you are lying or a moron
  • USB 3, USB 4, Thunderbolt, & USB-C -- everything you need to know

    What a joke

    This is what happens when smart people try to be too clever

    There is a reason why you have different connectors

    There should be one connector for power, one for display, one for peripherals (where each protocol gets its own - thunderbolt and usb)

    You shouldn't need to look at your computers manual to work out what goes where and whether that connector will work with this cable and do what you need it to do

    A total disaster by the a stupid decision to harmonise something that didn't need harmonising 

    Saving a few millimetres or pennies on having one connector is not the right way to go

    The people responsible for this should all be fired - they have gone for style over substance in an attempt to prove how smart they are
  • Australian banks say Apple Pay is anticompetitive, appeal to anti-trust regulators


    Not Surprised

    This has nothing to do with anti competitive issues and everything to do with the fact the Aussie banks IT staff are so useless they can't implement Apple Pay

    Used to work at an Aussie Bank (not in IT) - they outsource all their development to the cheapest off shore source they can find - they were meant to have implemented Apple Pay by October last year (well that was the latest deadline - it was March before that) - they couldn't because the cheap "we all have (bought) PHd's from the best universities in our country" developers couldn't figure it out