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  • iPhones, Macs & other tech could account for $167B of proposed China tariffs

    I suspect these tariffs will be history by September.
    Trump is crazy but he isn't stupid.   He knows what will happen when his base gets kicked in the teeth with his Trump Tax and the U.S. economy starts to tank -- and its an open question whether the Fed will bail him out.  Many powerful Republicans are already openly opposing him and even the Koch Brothers say they will support policy rather than party.   And, now that Trump's two BFFs are openly courting China Trump has to be worried.

    There is nothing in this trade war that is based on fact or reality.  It was all invented by Trump because he hates and fears China -- he knows that they can outcompete us.  And, Trump hates to be #2.  But, since the tariffs will accomplish exactly nothing except to make Trump look foolish, he will be looking for a way to surrender while claiming victory.

    That's pretty much how all school yard bullies work.  They like to strut around and talk tough.  But that's about as far as it goes.

    Essentially, it all comes down to whether continuing his trade war will help him or hurt him in 2020.   Right now the math says "hurt".
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  • Photos of Apple Card showcase design, weight, and packaging

    mac_128 said:
    mac_128 said:
    Anybody think this white card is going to look dirty and dingy after a relatively short amount of time?
    It's not white - it just looks white in the picture. It's made of titanium and is a shade of grey, I think.
    Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how this ages. My regular cards are covered with scratches, scrapes, and grime from being swiped through so many readers, but those blemishes don’t really stand out against the dark colors used for the cards. Maybe the titanium will be more resilient. Or maybe somebody will sell Apple card polish. ;-) I have to admit I’ve never even thought about cleaning my credit cards — but it’s probably not a bad idea considering all the people who handle it.
    My cards are seldom out of my wallet.   If they don't take ApplePay I go to a place that does (if possible!).  At this point, most places (even gas pumps) take ApplePay, but earlier on I found that it was a good screening tool because:   those places that took ApplePay tended to respect and value their customers while those who didn't saw them more as cattle to be exploited.
  • Editorial: Apple's move to ARM is possible because most users want power more than compati...

    But my Mac IS compatible -- except it's with my iPhone instead of my laptop.

    As I moved increasingly into the world of iOS from Windows the need for a Mac became ever more important:   It integrates well with the world of iOS -- which is more important to me than integrating with my world of Windows.  (For instance, it's a lot easier to update a Numbers spreadsheet on the Mac than on either the iPhone or a Windows laptop.)

    But, that said, the Mac actually does integrate better with my Windows desktop (which I use as a pseudo-server) than my Windows Laptop does!  Despite both being Windows 10 I cannot get my laptop and desktop to talk to each other.   But the Mac talks to the desktop just fine!   It's SO ironic!   
  • Apple says Trump tariffs would 'tilt the playing field' in favor of competitors

    maestro64 said:
    As an unintended consequence, Trump found a way of taxing one of the big tax avoiders. I guess the stock value should take a hit, but probably good for the US taxpayers.
    Last I checked Apple was the highest tax payer in the country. I'm sure that's more than your entire family combined. "Greedy" Apple.
    Apple is not unique in this setup, but its no excuse to not pay its tax (that most small/medium businesses do). It’s been using Ireland as a tax haven and refused to bring the cash back the US (as it does not want to pay tax). Believe what you want, but this is not exactly news.
    You do realize that Apple and the Irish Government agreed to the tax deal, Ireland agree to limit Apple's taxes in the EU because they wanted Apple's business. This deal dates back to the early 80"s and was renew over an over again since then. If Ireland thought they were getting ripped off don't you think they would have negotiated the deal. Ireland was not loosing out, having Apple there, their tax base grew with lots of high tech work showing up in Ireland these are good paying Jobs. This whole thing had nothing to do with Apple or any other company in Ireland not paying enough taxes, this was about a bunch of non-elected EU members seeing Ireland getting all this benefit, and the rest of the EU suffering since they had this stupid idea to let in a bunch of freeloaders from all over the world to settle into places like Belgium, France and Germany. None of the freeloader were showing up in Ireland. 

    BTW, other EU countries did similar deal with Google, Facebook, Amazon and now the EU wants them all to pay for their stupid mistakes. Did you notice Apple decide not to put their Data center in the EU, this is direct result of the EU actions.
    It wasn't a matter of opinion.   Ireland broke the law and got busted for it.  Yes, Apple had to pay up, but it was Ireland who broke the law that they had agreed to uphold when they joined the EU.
  • Apple says Trump tariffs would 'tilt the playing field' in favor of competitors

    Supposedly Trump is justifying much of his trade war on China over China's supposed infringement of American IP.   But now we see that that is a two way street as Huawei is going after American companies for using it's IP.

    So, another claim by right wing media and parroted by Trump and his loyalists ("China got to where it is by copying and stealing American technology") is being debunked.

    Huawei may demand more royalties from US firms that rely on its patented tech

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