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  • Compared: Samsung's Galaxy S10 range vs. Apple's iPhone XS and iPhone XR

    chasm said:
    I'm fine with Samsung having some truly competitive phones (unless you like security that is) at competitive price points. Competition is good, it keeps Apple (and everyone) on their toes.

    That said, I don't care how great their cameras allegedly are ... after the reading I've been doing, I wouldn't touch a Huawei phone if you gave me one for free. Google and Android are quite bad enough about personal info, but China takes this to a whole new level.
    Yeh, Donald has declared war (trade war) on all things Chinese.   The spying thing is just the standard Republican tactic of trash talking their opponent.
  • Apple Watch credited with saving life of Seattle man with AFib

    I find the Apple Watch to be a more amazing and wonderful product than anything Steve ever produced -- and I say that with enormous respect and gratitude for all that Steve did for our world.

    Increasingly the Apple Watch is morphing from a fashion trinket to a capable exercise/activity monitor to a health promoting tool to an essential safety device.

    It is that last that I'm not sure that even Apple comprehends:   I have spoken to Apple Store reps about the watch and how it promotes personal safety and every time I was met with a "huh?" -- like the thought had never before occurred to them.

    But, one more aspect of that:   My 12 year old grandson is increasingly in places without parental supervision and where he cannot carry his phone (like swimming or playing football with friends).   So, today I have arriving for him a Series 3 with LTE (thanks to a great deal from B&H that I learned about here on ai).   Now, he will be able to reach out for help wherever and whenever he needs it -- and his parents will be able to check in with him as needed -- so he can gain independence while remaining as safe as possible.

    Thank you Steve for creating the organization and the environment that made this possible!
  • Goldman Sachs & Apple credit card with added iPhone features about to enter testing

    spice-boy said:
    williamh said:
    spice-boy said:
    tyler82 said:
    If we had true capitalism in this country Goldman Sachs would no longer exist. But us lucky taxpayers got to subsidize this corrupt socialized industry who ruined millions of lives by destroying investments and retirements of hardworking Americans. 
    Goldman Sachs is unfortunate "true capitalism", reckless, greed driven with no regards to it's investors and those whose retirements depend on them. "True Capitalism" also left them off leash when oversight and rules where thrown out the window. Please look up what the work "social" means, here is a hint to play nice with others, to be considerate and make sure everyone has something. 
    The original poster's point was that under true capitalism, Goldman Sachs would have failed rather than be propped up by the government and thereby guaranteed by additional debt. I don't know why Apple would work with the firm, but it isn't for the need of funds to back the venture. Apple could pay for it with the proverbial coins under the couch cushions.
    The word "social" and the words "socialist" or "socialized" are not interchangeable. Regardless of what you find when you look up the word "socialized," in practice it means to be controlled by brute force, to have no consideration for anyone, and to make sure you have something whether or not others have anything under the guise of ensuring that everyone is sharing misery equally. You can dream about Scandinavian socialism all you like but it ends up like Venezuela. You have to be naive to think that socialism isn't driven by greed and envy.

    I know what the original post was suggesting and my point is capitalism has been highjacked by Libertarian "me first and who cares about everyone else". You are confusing socialism with communism the later's ideal of sharing everything equally. Socialism has existed in the US since the great depression, and the creation of the income tax. Before Social Security was created elders who no longer worked and had no family or children were pretty much on their own. Every American pays into the SS fund and can draw a pension at their time of retirement. I can imagine anyone thinking this is a bad thing. I have traveled to Scandinavia for 35 years and have seen a democratic - socialism - capitalism government and society close up and it is something to envy and not fear. Too many Americans have no idea of anything outside of the US which is a shame, Please explain what ""socialized," in practice it means to be controlled by brute force, to have no consideration for anyone" ?
    I think you are thinking of a 
    totalitarian system or dictatorship? 
    Very, true and well said!
    We have been overrun by extremists on both the left and right and neither seem to understand basic terminology -- or perhaps they don't want to understand it and instead redefine it in order to demonize and disparage those on the other side.

    The "Democratic Socialists" speak of the evils of capitalism (usually by picking the most egregious examples and then exaggerating them)
    The Libertarians decry anything leaning towards socialism (or anything that involves government control) as "the sky is falling in" kind of evil.

    And, increasingly both seem to be justifying their own position by attacking the other.

    The truth is:  A country needs a bit of both wisely administered.   Pure capitalism doesn't work long term -- that's why we abandoned it.  But, at the same time, pure socialism doesn't work long term either -- that's why China abandoned it.
  • Untangling monitor resolution and size -- how to pick the best display for home and office...

    Thanks!!!   That was helpful!

    Another 'trick' I use is in Safari.  In Safari Preferences select "Web Sites" / "Page Zoom".  You can control the zoom for every website you visit.  For instance, I have set to open at 125% zoom.
  • Samsung's Galaxy S10 guns for Apple with triple-lens camera, true edge-to-edge display

    tyler82 said:
    And here I am perfectly happy with my new SE. I like it when Apple keeps it simple and beautiful.
    The SE is an example of Apple giving people what they want rather than forcing them to take what they make.
    They need to do a lot more of that....

    Apple is entering a mobile computing market where their restricted, simple, minimalist product lines may be too restrictive and existing and future customers will have to look elsewhere to get the hardware they want and need.