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  • There's hope that older Macs will be able to run macOS Ventura

    JP234 said:
    Mystifies me why anyone would want to do this. Running newer MacOS systems on Macs Apple classifies as "vintage" or "obsolete." They ALWAYS, and I mean always, run poorly, sometimes terribly. I worked for an Apple VAR as a service writer (what Apple calls a genius, but no way I'd make that claim), and we got many people who wanted us to restore their old OS, which Apple does not make easy for consumers. (We had the means, and we charged $129 for it.)

    If you can't afford a new Mac, or iOS device, just keep the last authorized OS. If there's a feature you just must have, then bite the bullet and get a new model that can use it. Just a cautionary tale from someone who has seen what these hacks can do.
    You are obviously unaware of the huge number of owners of the classical Mac Pro (last model mid-2012) that are able to run Monterey and Big Sur these days thanks to such enthusiasts and their workarounds!
  • iPadOS 15 confirms Apple's M1-equipped iPad Pro is a V8 engine powering a Ford Pinto

    AppleZulu said:
    So Apple releases expensive hardware with obvious capacity for future expansion of operating system capabilities, and the complaint is that the OS doesn’t max out the hardware out of the gate. Got it.

    Of course, if iPadOS already took full advantage of the capabilities of the M1 model, there would be much louder complaints about how last year’s pre-M1 hardware has been rendered obsolete so quickly by OS features the pre-M1 devices can’t handle. 
    The M1 iPad Pro was released with iPadOS 14.5.  Version 15 is now in beta and doesn’t fundamentally change the multitasking experience.  What reason is there now to expect that Apple will ever make significant changes to the UI in the future, if they chose not to do so in iPadOS15?  

    As to your second point, the A12 chips in the prior iPads were used in the developer transition kit to run an ARM build of macOS (with its much deeper multi-tasking and windowing support), and the chip ran macOS just fine.  Clearly they have enough horsepower.  So I highly doubt that if Apple added the changes requested here in this article that the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pros would be rendered obsolete.  

    Until Apple makes fundamental changes to iPadOS, the M1 chip is a waste of hardware honestly.  The A12z in the 2020 version is just fine.  The only real difference with M1 is the addition of thunderbolt so you can connect to peripherals like 10gbps lan cards, high speed storage, etc. But other than that, there’s nothing about the iPadOS experience that is significantly different on M1 vs the A12x/A12z.  Multi monitor support is still limited to 4x3 and does not scale to the 16x9 or 16x10 aspect ratio of monitors.  iPadOS has some fundamental limitations, even though the hardware itself has been proven to not be limited in that regard, as M1 and A12x/A12z can run the more complicated window manager of macOS.   And we have to tell the truth.  
    Yes but most people commenting here are in the 10%, at most, of iPad buyers. Heavy users, pro graphic designers or photo or video editors who would love to ditch their Mac OS machine, but still can’t. Is Apple wrong to listen to the remaining 90% of its clients, and continue producing, and selling loads of a very simple to use tablet? So what if it’s over specced? I have a 2018 Pro 12.9, and my wife just got a new M1 one. Yes the difference is not extreme, but she doesn’t care. She’s thrilled, and will continue doing her iMovie editing of clips we shoot on music we edit in GarageBand. Because it’s enough for us. Sure, more pro features in the OS could be nice, and open the door for more pro apps. But they may turn out to be beyond our capacities, and/or time to adapt to more pro software. And most buyers are even less versed in that, they want a great screen and a fast UI, but mostly an easy to understand UI. Even if we both know that it could do more if only…Just admit that you guys are in a vocal, but very small minority. And Apple’s business is to sell to the silent majority. Finally, if you want cutting edge prototype style software and hardware, there’s always Indiegogo and Kickstarter for you…
  • AirPods Max won't support Apple Music lossless over Lightning, HomePod also left out

    Appleish said:
    This is almost completely useless to the vast majority of current Apple tech. Very disappointing. 
    Guess what comes next: new Apple gear that does support those features!
  • Apple says a common charger would handicap innovation, inflate waste

    apple ][ said:
    The EU has zero jurisdiction over the USA, and I reject all of their ridiculous anti-innovation, anti-freedom, anti-consumer, anti-tech and anti-business proposals.

    They can go stuff their miserable ideas where the sun doesn't shine.

    The notion that a bunch of EU corrupt bureaucrats who know nothing about tech and have never created anything useful in their entire lives shall decide standard charger rules for everybody to follow is something that all American companies should flat out reject and simply tell them all to go and take a hike.

    A company should be free to decide which tech and which standards to implement in their own products and Apple has been doing just fine for many, many decades without any EU bureaucrats deciding how Apple should make their products.

    I trust Apple infinitely more than the EU. I don't have many good things to say about the EU.

    I use USB, I use USB-C, I use Lightning, hell, I still use Firewire on a few older devices I have.

    This dumb EU idea will definitely stifle innovation. If they want to live like cavemen, then go right ahead, but leave the US out of it, because we will not abide by their rules.

    The EU can get lost.
    Well the EU surely has legal authority on any product, or food that enters its territory. And that's exactly what it does with SPS measures for food and plants, and why it has authority on electric and electronic devices, cars etc, for security and conformity reasons. While one can always raise the issue of innovation, past experience shows that IT and mobile producers have always , whenever left to their own devices, will bundle chargers that are incompatible one with the other, just because they can overcharge whenever you need a new one. And hoping that, once you have ten accessories that only work with one specific device, it will be a sufficient barrier to avoid you switching to another competitor. Obliging to harmonise to a single charger levels the playing filed, and frees your bag from holding so many different pieces of electronics. One needs to be totally crazy to be against that. Which is why I completely understand that you are against...
  • Apple's Mac Pro 'cheese grater' is 12 years old, and is the best Mac ever made

    I recently bought a nice mid-2012 Mac Pro for a low price, it has the dual 2,4 GHz, 24 Mb Ram and 500Mb SSD plus a 1Tb HD. I added a USB 3 card, a Blu-ray Disc in the second drawer, all this to replace a failing 2009 iMac.
    Of course I also changed the graphics card for a 3 times faster and more powerful one.
    It's a very nice machine, and I am confident it will serve me well for another five years, before I am ready to buy something new again from Apple.