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  • Patent troll targets iOS and Mac app update system in lawsuit

    They can't go to the Eastern District of Texas: Apple doesn't have any facilities in that district anymore, much to my disgust. I have to travel twice as far to an Apple Store now than I used to thanks to the damned patent trolls.
  • Review: Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX receiver proves wireless CarPlay is the way to go

    big kc said:
    Resistive screen. BIG BIG bummer and a non-starter. You have to go up to the much more expensive model to get a proper capacitive screen. I'd stay 500 miles away from anything with a resistive screen.
    As resistive screens go, it's actually reasonably responsive.
  • Review: Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX receiver proves wireless CarPlay is the way to go

    zoetmb said:
    Back in the day, when car radios in many cars were standard DIN sized, I used to always buy an aftermarket radio, usually an Alpine.   But today, in most cars, even older cars without bit-mapped screens, since the entertainment system and the HVAC system are integrated, I don't see how an aftermarket system can work, although it obviously worked in the Chevy.   

    Are there any common standards for these units like there used to be?    
    You can put a double-DIN radio in most any car. You just have to buy the appropriate dash kit, which replaces the factory radio panel with one designed for a DIN radio. It may not be very pretty, as was the case in my 2012 Highlander, whose factory radio had huge volume and tuner knobs; the dash kit was shaped to cover the semicircular holes left behind my the factory radio.

    I've been running this head unit for a few months and love it. As far as I'm concerned, wireless chargers in cars are worthless unless there a wireless way to get music into the sound system.

  • Here are the vehicles and receivers with Apple CarPlay announced in 2018 & 2019

    tzeshan said:
    Do you notice that one important number is missing in all the CarPly available cars? There is no screen resolution specified. This is counter high-tech standard that Apple is very good at. For one thing, I like to know if the screens are all retina display like the iPads? Or maybe the screen resolution is fixed for CarPlay?

    I can tell you that very few, if any, screens are retina. In fact, a lot of them are resistive instead of capacitive. CarPlay really doesn't need a hi-res display.

    I'm hoping that a lot of these manufacturers offering CarPlay will soon offer it wirelessly. Combining wireless charging with wireless CarPlay is the ideal situation. Wireless charging with wired CarPlay is pointless.

  • Zero Sign On a first step towards Apple TVs replacing crappy cable boxes

    I'm confused. The company name is Spectrum, but they're only mentioning Charter Spectrum. Does that leave out the Time Warner Spectrum customers?

    Also, most streaming video is not available in surround sound, only stereo. Will Charter Spectrum be able to support surround sound? DirecTV Now doesn't, except in their PPV offerings.