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  • Former Apple retail head Angela Ahrendts upset 'finely tuned balance'

    Speaking as an ex-genius I can say that under Angela I always got the feeling that she resented having support staff dirtying her gorgeous retail environment.  Training time disappeared.  The highly trained Geniuses got annoyed at spending hours being little more than check-in receptionists.  The new design of the store created an environment so loud, that you and your support customer had to literally shout at each other to be heard over the din.

    The Genius position, once so valued and given responsibility, became little more than an iPad to customer interface.
  • MacBook, MacBook Pro keyboard repairs 'prioritized' for in-store next-day service

    The biggest issue with fast turn-a-round is the crappy post-repair diagnostics and trackpad calibration.  Hair-pulling frustration levels when something that should take 15 minutes, could take hours or even days to complete.
  • The top seven MacBook Air features that make the 2018 model great

    kiowavt said:
     Finally the fan. So far, for me, runs 100% of the time. Pretty loud. I have tried closing apps, etc, but now just try to tune it out.
    That's not normal.  You can use Activity Monitor in the utilities folder to see what is causing the issue, there will be some process that's running over 100%.  make sure you select "all processes" in the view menu and select the CPU button in the window.  If the issue is with kernel task, then maybe  SMC and PRAM resets might resolve, or there might be a 3rd-party extension that's loading up.  Also if the issue is in a web browser, some websites are poorly designed or have crappy flash adverts that are causing the issue.  I would also suggest installing iStat Menus, it's a great little app that allows you to see what's going on.

    Call AppleCare if you can't resolve it yourself.
  • New MacBook Air threatens both MacBook and MacBook Pro with Function Keys

    "..just through its being the cheapest model. There was nothing else that made the MacBook Air superior or more appealing than any other Apple portable"

    Apart from reliability, the best keyboard, SD card reader, a replaceable battery, magsafe and also being the best apple laptop for combat (wedge shape with decent weight).
  • Apple refuses Irish finance committee meeting for second time

    As a UK resident, I am extremely pissed off that Apple makes huge profits in the UK that they don't pay any tax on. Local companies are expected to help pay for the infrastructure, education and lawful society that allows business to work efficiently, while multi-nationals don't want to pay for any of that, just use it all for free. And then have the audacity so whine about "it's all Political crap" when your greed starts catching up with you.