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  • Editorial: Reporting about the MacBook Pro is failing at a faster rate than the butterfly ...

    All the same types of complaints that people level at the butterfly mechanism keyboards are replicated by PC laptops that don't use it. Simple internet searches prove it. None of the major PC brands for laptops provide any numbers on how often those types of duplicate keyboard failures occur either, similar to Apple. Considering those two facts, it's not all that convincing to treat butterfly failures as if they're somehow out of line with the rest of the industry. The keyboard is one of the most heavily used external pieces of hardware on any brand of laptop, so it makes sense that it could be one of the more common areas of repair in terms of percentages. Anecdotally, I've had more than one scissor keyboard fail for a desktop Mac, both at work and in home use.
    Speaking as a long-time Apple Genius (until very recently) I can say that when you go from seeing the occasional keyboard issue, to seeing multiple coming in every day,  there is a problem.
  • Former Apple retail head Angela Ahrendts upset 'finely tuned balance'

    Speaking as an ex-genius I can say that under Angela I always got the feeling that she resented having support staff dirtying her gorgeous retail environment.  Training time disappeared.  The highly trained Geniuses got annoyed at spending hours being little more than check-in receptionists.  The new design of the store created an environment so loud, that you and your support customer had to literally shout at each other to be heard over the din.

    The Genius position, once so valued and given responsibility, became little more than an iPad to customer interface.
  • Apple refuses Irish finance committee meeting for second time

    As a UK resident, I am extremely pissed off that Apple makes huge profits in the UK that they don't pay any tax on. Local companies are expected to help pay for the infrastructure, education and lawful society that allows business to work efficiently, while multi-nationals don't want to pay for any of that, just use it all for free. And then have the audacity so whine about "it's all Political crap" when your greed starts catching up with you.
  • US lawmakers attack Apple for song takedowns in Chinese government censorship effort

    A bunch of hypocritical lying Republicans, pretending to care about the constitution. I assume that their main issue is they haven't received any lobbying money from Apple
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  • MacBook, MacBook Pro keyboard repairs 'prioritized' for in-store next-day service

    The biggest issue with fast turn-a-round is the crappy post-repair diagnostics and trackpad calibration.  Hair-pulling frustration levels when something that should take 15 minutes, could take hours or even days to complete.
  • New MacBook Air threatens both MacBook and MacBook Pro with Function Keys

    "..just through its being the cheapest model. There was nothing else that made the MacBook Air superior or more appealing than any other Apple portable"

    Apart from reliability, the best keyboard, SD card reader, a replaceable battery, magsafe and also being the best apple laptop for combat (wedge shape with decent weight).
  • Apple on the hook for $439.7 million to VirnetX over FaceTime should appeals, patent inval...

    "..and attorney fees of $96 million" I'm in the wrong job.
  • Foxconn's Wisconsin presence 'a bunch of empty buildings,' far behind targets

    Foxconn has a long and illustrious history of announcing local investments, receiving up front money from excited and often stupid local politicians and then walking away with the money.  It's another form of revenue stream for them.

    Multi American cities.
  • MacBook, MacBook Pro keyboard repairs 'prioritized' for in-store next-day service

    Imagine if they could find a way to make the keyboard lift out as a single solid unit from the top, secured by magnets and connected by a Smart Connector type interface. 

    Was it the plastic MacBooks that had the keyboards that could be removed from the top of the case? Not like that exactly, but that general idea and done in a more solid modern way. 
    It was the plastic iBooks and the 12" MacBook Pro.
  • Feds bust $900,000 iPhone repair & return scam in Oregon

    1st said:
    One common practice is as follows.

    iPhones are purchased using stolen credit cards.  These phones  now need to be laundered.

    The phone is opened up and air is injected into the battery between the black covering and the battery internals, giving it the appearance of an expanded battery.

    It is then taken into an Apple store.  Phones with expanded batteries are not opened by techs for safety reasons, so the phone is replaced and the customer now has a fully working phone with a clean serial number.

    The damaged phones have always been purchased in a different country, so the SN is not on any local police database.  The person bringing the phone in is always Chinese.
    Are you sure? inject air into battery (not N2?) will cause Li ion battery to explode.  not just swelling... interesting Apple couldnot track SN - defeated whole purpose of SN.  Apple phone is sealed, it is easy to put some indicator that seal was broken (like the moisture indicator - expose to water and turn red... could be as easy as back door pop up - discounnect antenna of wifi or NFC will send a signal to network as warning for example - or even just store in memory that can be retrived via NFC...  sure apple genius can think about something to provent such event before it got out of the hands - like near 1 million we are talking about here... something fishy here... can't wait for the whole story come out). 
    Yes.  The air is injected in the cavity between the black outer covering, and the metalised internal battery cover.  It's not injected into the battery cells/chemicals as such.  It was always easy to spot as a real expanded battery is rock hard, while the injected one was pliable and could easily be deflated again with a  pin-prick.  I have seen literally hundreds of this particular scam.