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  • Redesigned AirPods coming in 2021, revamped AirPods Pro in 2022

    So… If I as a very happy user of current AirPods Pro I could be standing next to someone apparently wearing same but actually wearing a cheaper version (and IMHO inferior because they’ll be lacking some of the features I love about my AirPods Pro…). I’m not a wearable tech snob but I’ll definitely be unhappy when the feature-light/cheaper version is released because the person wearing them will be getting the same admiring/envious glances from people who can’t/won’t spend the money Apple charge for AirPods Pro! Same with my Apple Watch Series 6 44mm Cellular, I’m sick of folks saying “aah, so you’re in to Fitbit watches are you!?”… I want to scream “no, this isn’t a fu**ing piece of Fitbit shi*, I wouldn’t enter a competition if that was the only prize… This is an Apple Watch you moron, a REAL smart watch that is worth every penny I paid for it! 🤣    👱🏻‍♂️❤️👁📱 & 🍎 ⏱
    Or...and bear with me on this one...people like me who have both regular AirPods and the Pros... just prefer the fit and comfort of the regular ones. Sure, the Pros sound better, but they hurt my ears when I wear them too long. I can wear the regular ones almost all day with no problems, Pros only last about 30 minutes before making my ear canal sore.
  • M1 iMac teardown reveals massive speaker chamber, Magic Keyboard Touch ID sensor

    "A lot of impressive engineering went into making this thing as thin as possible, but did anyone really need a thinner all-in-one desktop? Apple's priorities continue to baffle," the site wrote.
    This statement coming from a website solely dedicated to selling repair/replacement parts and tools. Yeah, OF COURSE it baffles you.
  • Only 4% of iOS users in US are opting in to ad tracking, report says

    hexclock said:
    I’d sure like to meet some of these 4 percenters. 
    I said yes - on AppleTV. But have said no on all other devices. I figure if I'm being forced to watch commercials, then they may as well be commercials for things Im interested in.
  • Epic's Tim Sweeney said he would have taken special deal with Apple

    How does this help their case, it demonstrates:
    1. Epic is not bona fide in their claim that they are advocating for small or voiceless developers.
    2. Epic desires unequal treatment in the app store, special favours for them and them alone.
    3. Epic's actions are entirely profit driven.
    4. Epic's PR campaign against Apple is wilful slander.
    Exactly. You don't get to ask for special treatment then complain the playing field isn't level.
  • Apple says user feedback to App Tracking Transparency has been 'tremendous'

    Marvin said:
    What's so baffling about this whole thing is how anyone, any company is on the opposite side, the side of let's invade customers' privacy without their consent. It's like these people have lost their minds and all sense of decency. That they actually sit together in a room and discuss how they will counter privacy protections in order to make more profit and broadcast to the world that this is the side they are on. And many of those companies will publicly support humanitarian causes. I guess when values conflict with their profit motive, they start to get a bit wavery. Put money at stake and people show their true colors; all too often it shows up some ugly colors.

    It shouldn't need decent companies to police this, governments need to step up here and ban internet surveillance and fine companies for non-compliance. The amount of privacy popups on sites these days is ridiculous, ban the practise of server-side tracking entirely and get rid of the popups. This should all be client-side and in complete control by the user.
    Companies aren’t ‘standing on the side of invading privacy’ they’re saying its the ugly consequence of doing something amazing for YOU the customer, for making YOUR life easier/simpler. “We can target you with ads for things you really need!” “We can help small businesses grow!” The fact that we sell that information to the highest bidder and make boatloads of cash is nothing you need to be concerned with, after all, we helped you find that cool new pair of shoes, remember?. ie: Who cares how we treat or kill the cow, as long as the burger tastes great, right?