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  • M1 chip and Thunderbolt come to Apple's 11-inch iPad Pro

    Slide said up to 16gb of ram. M1 has 8gb of ram minimum. macOS requires 8gb of ram to run. Maybe someone will get macOS or windows on arm running on this new iPad Pro. That would be epic!
  • Intel continues 'go PC' campaign with specious Apple Silicon comparison website

    Just saying.... “PC” is an acronym Personal Computer. A Mac is a Personal Computer. Therefore it is a PC. Therefore their ads make no sense. 😂
  • Apple releases iCloud Keychain for Chrome on Windows [u]

    I have the extension but the Microsoft Store won’t download version 12 of iCloud 🤨
  • Breaking down the Coalition for App Fairness' issues with Apple

    Had this been a bill of rights for what consumers are allowed to do with their computers (including smart phones) I would be all for it. Instead it is a list of demands from greedy developers.
    As an owner of a computer you have the right to:
    Operate it however you wish. Apple cannot restrict how you the owner use the device you purchased.
    Repair it. Apple cannot require that you return your device to them for repair.
    Run any software you wish on it. Apple cannot prevent you from installing any software, even a third party app store, on your device as long as you know and accept the risks.
    Develop code for it. Apple cannot prevent you from using any software or hardware feature of your device if you can find a way to do it.
    I agree that if Apple was breaking the law regarding specific rules on how a user can interact with their device, that they should be held accountable for that. However, your “as an owner of a computer have the right to” is flawed. 

    First, Apple can restrict how you use your device, you purchased the hardware, not the software which is proprietary. So they can do whatever they want with that. If you don’t like the changes, don’t update or don’t purchase the device at all. 

    Second, Apple cannot require you to repair your device through Apple. And they don’t! You can go to any repair store you want and since Apple made the hardware and software, they have the right to invalidate your warranty and refuse service if you choose to go through someone else or modify your device hardware/software.

    Thirdly, Apple can prevent you from modifying its software since like I said, it is proprietary and you do not pay for it. You pay for hardware not software. If you jailbreak your device and Apple makes an update to patch it, don’t update. It’s as simple as that. And they can restrict you from using other app stores on your device since it is their software. They have designed it a specific way to keep users safe and their devices secure. The majority of people do not want to go through the trouble of searching for the app they need by downloading another App Store or finding it on the internet somewhere. Nor doing that for updating apps. It would be a hassle especially for non-techy consumers!

    Fourthy, Apple can block apps from being put on the App Store for violating its guidelines. The issue over whether their guidelines are fair is a whole other story. 
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