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  • Watch Apple's new Memoji take on Samsung's AR Emoji

    Samsung's attempt at doing this before they even have the correct facial tracking camera hardware on there phones is just another example of a rushed product, just like implementing the non secure facial scanner on the S8 before the iPhone X. Again and again Samsung does this with there products, the people are just use to it by now. These features will sell a lot of Face ID phones tho this fall for Apple, especially considering there will be at least three phones equipped for Face ID, teens are going to love this .
  • Samsung launches Galaxy S9, S9 Plus with greater focus on smartphone photography

    The iPhone has been out for a decade now and the press and most folks still insist to compare Samsung to Apple iPhones more than any other brands. The real competition for Samsung is not Apple anymore, its more Google itself now with its own line of Phones. Even tho the Pixel only sold 4 million last year, i bet the majority of those phones were from Samsung users. If Google even starts to sell more slowly each year those aren’t Apple users switching those are other Premium Android flagship users. At this point people are locked into there ecosystems of either Apple or Android, and i can buy only on iOS phone, where Adroid you can switch anytime. Samsung just loves to take shots at Apple and bring them up in commercials or keynotes wherever they are because it make them seem like there on par with the iPhones if they keep comparing it to Apple its keeps them in the news. I almost think samsung want to fanboys to argue and rile them up like the notch commercial they ran for months last fall during the holdidays. I mean at this point, thats not going to attract Apple users by making fun of them, Samsungs just trying to hold onto the fan base they already have. It’s the Pixel they have to worry about because I don’t think Google will stop this time making phones, But I’m sure there’s a contract where they cant make fun of the Pixel at all during events or in commercials because Samsung uses Android to begin with.
  • Rumor: 2018 iPad Pro with Face ID will be powered by 8-core 'A11X' chip

    Can’t wait! Love my first gen iPad Pro 12.9, still runs butterly smooth, love that Apple put 4 gigs of ram in it when it was first released, it really will be able to run well for a long time it seems. Didn’t upgrade yet, really waiting and wanting this redesign on the iPad, we’ve been on the same basic iPad form factor for iPad since the mini/ first iPad Air were released. I’m def ready and excited for a new design. And if they can bring the weight down on the 12.9 with the smaller bezels, it will make this iPad ( my favorite Apple product) that much better. I love my iPhones, but when I reach my house my iPad is the device in the hands basically all night long, couldn’t live without it! 
  • iPhone X sightings on the rise in San Francisco

    Same here, as many of others have said I'm so use seeing the notch now, where I almost kind of like it. It makes the phone/screen look kind of playful or something its hard to describe. Also Apple is the first company to get all four corners of the OLED display the entire front face of the phone and the corners follow the shape of the phone beautifully. Apple rounded the corners in such a graceful way def way more curved than the corners on the Samsung and LG phone, that had to take a lot of work/engineering. If I'm able to get one hopefully in november its going to feel like having the very first iPhone again, that feel of where out in public and your friends will all want to see and touch it, going to be in such high demand, this is the phone I/many of us have been waiting years to have our hands on, cannot wait,
  • Google IO17: Android deployment rate continues to slip backward

    What I can't really see for Google in the Future is that with AR def going to become mainstream and very useful in the next few year, Android just doesn't have the premium phones in numbers like Apple has. There really not that many Premium Android phones being sold with good specs to push the tech forward, and this is going to be more and more of a problem for Android. I really think this is why Google has to come back out with The Pixel last year. They really do need there own high end phone to sell well or I just do see a way out for them. Samsung as well is not selling many premium phones either, although from the articles and the media you would think the S7 or S8 sell in iPhone numbers when in reality its not even close