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  • Huawei tossed from SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, RAM spec group

    Few questions to ponder for huawei haters in this forum:
    1. If trump gets a better trade deal from China, would that automatically exonerate huawei of all these security threats posed by them???
    2. When it actually happens, what would be your reaction???
    3. If ip theft by Chinese companies is your real concern, then why are you not asking the question to trump administration - "why huawei alone? What about the likes of xiaomi, bbk sub brands Oppo/vivo/one plus??? Are they all saints?"
    4. What is the real issue with China and huawei? Is it Trade imbalance? Or Security? They are both mutually exclusive. If security is an issue, what about ZTE?

    Is the bigger picture really being looked at by trump supporters in this forum??? As a neutral person from a different country, it does not look like so to me. 
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  • Editorial: Super Frenemies - why the world is better off with both Apple and Samsung

    cornchip said:
    knowitall said:
    In what way is Samsung a customer of Apple?
    First sentence after intro.

    I think his question is - Apple is a customer of Samsung since Apple is buying components from Samsung. What is that Samsung is buying from Apple that Samsung can be considered as a customer of Apple?
  • 2019 iPhone predicted to have triple-lens camera with super-wide lens, improved selfie cam...

    tmay said:
    gatorguy said:
    hentaiboy said:
    gatorguy said:
    tmay said:
    melgross said:
    Not innovation. Already in LG V-series phones since 2018. In fact they have 5 lenses/cameras now.
    And they take mediocre pictures.

    Long story short, Huawei didn't build a color model to work with their imager.
    LG is using the Huawei camera module? I did not know that. Seems like everyone uses Sony. 
    The P30 uses Sony sensors.

    Thanks for that link. Tmay had indicated otherwise, but perhaps was confused about what was being discussed. 
    Sony does have the 48 MP IMX586 sensor designed to "bin" to 12 MP but I don't think those will be available until 2H 2019. I would think that this would be the sensor of choice for premium cameras in the next generation of smartphones.

    IMX586 is already present in at least 2 Android phones that I am aware of.

    1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro at $200

    2. Honor View 20 at $500

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  • Qualcomm still wants to cooperate with Apple on a 5G iPhone

    1st said:
    Ha, Qcom want to set standard for 5G?  without Apple on board, even it is set a standard, not enough string to pull for such money mine (like VZ CDMA, on its way out eventually).  Apple better learn the lesson (fool me once... ).  Besides, for what ever the reason, Qcom design is usually power hungry compare to the others (just my personal observation, could be wrong), that would impact 5G a lot (unless they don't want backward compatible or reuse some of their prior block...;-). 
    I think you got the part about QC modems being power hungry wrong. Just compare the iPhone X Vs iPhone Xs battery endurance ratings for 4G talk times in gsmarena with QC and Intel modems respectively. You will understand the reality. 
  • Apple brings iPhone SE back on sale in its online clearance section from $249

    zroger73 said:
    Wow. They've got a boatload of configurations for sale this round. I wonder where all these are coming from?

    Surely they don't keep finding unsold piles of new, old stock.

    Then again, the one I ordered and received a few weeks ago was most definitely new-in-box, but it was covered with a layer of dust so thick you couldn't see through it. It has been sitting in a dirty environment for a while.
    Most likely from my country India, where it was being assembled for quite some time.