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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 fires first salvo against Apple's 'iPhone 8' with 'Infinity' display, AR...

    brucemc said:
    No, we are not copying Apple in the naming.  We named the larger version the "Plus", because it is obvious there is no other name it could be called.  All trolls everywhere immediately began vehemently nodding their heads.

    So you think Samsung "copied" the plus naming convention from Apple??? Samsung is using Plus in naming their devices for many years already. Samsung SII plus was released in 2013 - just to give an example. There are MANY more Samsung phones with plus naming convention, much before iPhone 6 plus came in late 2014. In fact, Samsung releases so many phones with so many names every year, it is very difficult to come up with a new name which does not have any resemblance to any of the existing Samsung phones. You can accuse ANY OEM of copying name from Samsung phones blindly and it would not be far off from the truth. To claim that Samsung is copying name from Apple is - pure ignorance and lack of knowledge.
    singularityavon b7calidasanman69
  • Microsoft suggests shift to iPhone as Windows 10 Mobile end of support date announced

    Bad news for the 5 people using this iKnockoff.

    I remember my Apple hater friend(who thinks he's the smartest person in the world) praised Windows Phones for intergrating XBox Live accounts.

    Seriously though, Microsoft can still support and develop new phones even with 1% marketshare. They waved the white flag back when they had something like 5% marketshare. Apple never folded under this kind of pressure. Shows how feeble these companies really are.
    Couple of points:
    1. Since when did Windows phones become knock offs?
    2. Apple never gave up with 5% market share - true. But why would they give up when they have the most valuable TOP 5% of the market? And why shouldn't Microsoft give up when they had the least valuable bottom 5% of the market? 
  • Apple may face even higher iPhone taxes, import restrictions in India market

    JWSC said:
    The epic economic mismanagement of the Indian economy continues.  Apple needs to keep expectations low here for the foreseeable future.

    I wonder what council member Rathin Roy uses for his personal mobile phone?  Just wondering if it’s a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ scenario.
    foggyhill said:
    Modi is heading India towards authoritarianism and graft and corruption in India has been on the way up. So, that just means they want to be greased even harder.
    The Indian market is very heavily protected by tariffs which means Indians have to pay an exorbitant price for extremely shoddy goods (that's what the lack of competition means). Supposedly tariffs protect the small players but in fact its a gift to the big companies who have complete control of the Indian market and can charge whatever they want. Only the richest or the rich can afford the to buy the highest quality goods from all sources . 

    darkvader said:
    India has an election coming up next year.

    Hopefully the people will realize what a horrible mistake they made with Modi, and toss him out.

    And I'm not talking about Apple here, I'm talking about how absolutely horrible he is for the country.  Religious extremists do not belong in government, no matter what religion it is.  And he's intent on wrecking the economy.

    I am from India and I agree with the above comments. The larger question remains - Do majority of Indians understand this? I don't know an answer to that question right now. We will come to know about it in another 8 months (May-2019 elections). Our PM Modi has been a divisive force, so I won't be surprised if some of the long timers (AnantKSundaram, BestKeptSecret etc) from India in this forum disagree with me and above comments.

    We (people of India) are a long way to go in terms of maturity in upholding/implementing the spirit of democracy. Recently our Supreme court made very good verdicts on contentious issues (decriminalizing homosexuality, adultery as crimes), but MAJORITY of the people are criticizing the Supreme Court, without even understanding what the cases were about and what was the rationale behind SC's verdict. So it is going to be a long journey towards change for the better in my country.

    avon b7JWSC
  • Apple unveils 5th-gen iPad mini with Apple Pencil support, better Retina display

    eightzero said:
    Nice. But at $399, count me out. 
    Can you name JUST 1 tablet which costs less and provide similar features as iPad Mini 5? Just one would do.
  • Editorial: Apple's iPhone strategy is bad for investors, good for consumers

    How come a strategy which was good for investors in the last 10 years became bad for the same investors in a matter of 3 months??? It is not as if Apple has changed their strategy with respect to the quality/longevity of the iPhones dramatically in the last 3 months. This editorial is beating around the bush, without addressing the core issues. 
    rogifan_newavon b7mwhiteatomic101anantksundaramdysamoriajony0
  • Editorial: Apple note sends media pundits into a fit of histrionic gibberish

    Here's some more "oxymorons" I've noticed from the iKnockoff crowd:

    "Apple is too expensive"
    But criticizes Apple for not adding more to the XR. Like how it needs a 1080p screen(for some reason), OLED etc. which would drive the price much higher.
    Ostrich and sand??? With the benefit of hindsight, it is now easy to figure out that Apple got it wrong with respect to features and pricing of Xr. Xr is supposed to be the successor to iPhone 8 plus, but it was a side grade (design and SoC upgraded, display and camera downgraded), not a proper upgrade. It still would have been fine if Apple had priced it accordingly. But that didn't happen, hence Apple trying hard with promotional offers to increase sales. And revenue shortage purely due to lack of iphone sales. To even deny these basic facts is to keep the head firmly in the sand like an ostrich. 
    "Not a proper upgrade"

    So you're asking for more? iPhone XR starting at $899? Better idea?

    iPhone XR is the most popular iPhone right now(according to APPLE not the Verge or some fat youtuber). So not sure why you're denying the facts while giving your opinions?
    Am I asking for more? Yes. For an additional $150? No, thanks. It should have had those for $750 to begin with. I am sure you will say that "people like me who ask more from Apple have a wrong entitled mindset" and Apple was spot on with features and pricing for Xr. This is where the real problem lie. Apple and its shareholders might have an mindset that Apple is entitled to 38% margin, even in a "matured" smartphone market. But ordinary customers seem to disagree with that entitlement in large numbers.

    Disagree with what I say and need proof??? Don't look anywhere beyond last quarter original/revised guidelines, Apple CEO's letter to investors, unusual heavy promotions this year which was NOT seen in previous years. 
    iPhone XR outsold the other X models.

    So the customers have spoken. If you ran Apple, guidance would have been much worse since you believe Apple should have erased most of their XR profit.

    "iPhone 5c is a failure" deja vu?

    "Xr outsold the other X models" - It is pure PR talk, which doesn't mean much. With its lower price compared to Xs and Xs Max, It was obvious from the beginning that Xr would outsell Xs and Xs Max. That is besides the point. The key questions are:

    1. What was the expected total number of Xr units that Apple expected to sell during the Oct-2018 to Dec-2018 quarter?

    2. Did it meet those Apple's own expectations (Not some random analysts or internet blogger's expectations)????

    Customers have spoken? Really? Then, why did Apple miss "its own guidance"????

    williamlondonavon b7
  • Apple brings iPhone SE back on sale in its online clearance section from $249

    zroger73 said:
    Wow. They've got a boatload of configurations for sale this round. I wonder where all these are coming from?

    Surely they don't keep finding unsold piles of new, old stock.

    Then again, the one I ordered and received a few weeks ago was most definitely new-in-box, but it was covered with a layer of dust so thick you couldn't see through it. It has been sitting in a dirty environment for a while.
    Most likely from my country India, where it was being assembled for quite some time. 
  • Why Samsung's smartphones are winning in shipments but losing in business

    tmay said:
    Who knows, maybe it isn't too late to count MS out of the mobile device segment:
    I'm not against MS reentering the market, but they wouldn't have a valid business model to generate money with hardware. Best to continue providing productivity apps to the  other two OS's.
    Agreed. The biggest problem for MS was - App availability. If they could not fix it 5 years back, hard to imagine them having a solution NOW.
    jbdragonmacky the mackycornchipwatto_cobra
  • Apple unveils 5th-gen iPad mini with Apple Pencil support, better Retina display

    Latko said:
    eightzero said:
    Nice. But at $399, count me out. 
    Can you name JUST 1 tablet which costs less and provide similar features as iPad Mini 5? Just one would do.
    So. Bezels will continue to perplex us in their sheer beauty and significance. In relative sense, they’ve even grown.
    Because ? After spending 20 billions on R&D there’s no more 5k left for a modern mini design ?
    Anyway, kudo’s for finding some antiquated AutoCad machine for Joni to reload his 7+ year old designs (via floppy disk/AppleTalk or whatever)
    What you are asking for is a iPad Pro Mini. It might have appeal to some people, but will cost even more, making it a hard sell for masses. So Apple chose the best alternative, given the circumstances. They are still being criticized by few people. Damned if you do, damned if you don't - I guess.
    StrangeDaysavon b7watto_cobra
  • Apple unveils 5th-gen iPad mini with Apple Pencil support, better Retina display

    davgreg said:
    Not the iPad mini I would prefer, but am glad Apple has invested in and updated the line.

    Would like to see an LTE iPad mini that can tie to the Apple Watch and function as a phone (not by 3rd party app, but from a cell carrier) with the newer iPad Pro design and the newer pencil. Yes it would cost more. So what?

    Yes it would cost more. So what? - There would be less number of potential buyers to target, which in turn increases the cost for Design/Build/QA efforts to be higher for EACH unit, which in turn increases cost further, making the product unviable. Is it hard to understand? In my view, Apple has done everything (Features, pricing) near perfect with respect to iPad Mini 5. Hoping that the sales are higher, making sure that Apple would update it once in 2 years at least in future.