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  • Rumor: Apple working on new device family under codename 'Star' [u]

    Now that would make a ton of sense and hope it is true. There just does not seem to be much coming out of Apple any longer and really someone needs to compete with Google instead of giving everything to them. Our school use to be almost all Apple and last year they replaced the last Macs with Chromebooks and honestly hard to see them going back to Apple. My wife went to the same school district and she used Apple at this school and it had been all Apple for 25 years. Saw the post that Google has now even passed Amazon in smart speaker sales. That happen way quicker than I would have thought even possible. Only Apple and Google have mobile platforms and so it is on Apple to make sure that Google does not win everything. Last week Google at I/O shared Chromebook sales grew 50% YoY. Looking at the Mac numbers they were higher in 2015 than in 2016 or 2017. Apple needs to get doing something instead of just sitting back.
  • Video: Apple HomePod vs. Sonos One

    The bigger question is what is up with Apple? No mic mute? No security and anyone can get you last text message? Sonos and Google Home Max have better sound. Then on top the HomePod has worse margins. It is like opposite day with Apple. The old Apple addressed all the details and brought something to market that was just better and then had the best margins in the market.
  • Apple's first HomePod ads urge customers to 'order now'

    These are terrible ads, IMO. Apple needs to show the HomePod is going to be smart. Do an ad like the Google Home or the Amazon Echo. This just screams that it is not smart, IMO.
  • Apple's HomePod isn't about Siri, but rather the future of home audio

    Just nuts Apple missed the holiday with the HomePod.   Then when you look at all the software issues this week that were just crazy things.   Like able to just type "root" and enter a couple of times and able to log in with privileges.   That is not the Apple I have been a fan of before it was "cool" to be a fan.

    Something is very broken and hope Apple figures it out.   Siri just gets destroyed by Google and that does not make any sense at this point.   Was at BestBuy for BF and it seemed every cart had one more more Google Homes in them.    

    Look at how much smarter Google is compared to Apple.

    Apple really needs to get going on the smart speaker front.   This is the big area and will be the hot item sold this holiday and Apple not even playing is bothersome.   AI is different in that it gets better over time versus most product deteriorate.

  • Google's Pixel 2 XL priced higher than Apple's iPhone 8 Plus but is half as fast, lacks ma...

    All that "bionic processing" and the iPhone still can't take better pictures than Pixel phones. The so-called "state-of-the-art" hardware of the iPhones does not camoflage the reality that Siri is still 5 generations behind the Google Assistant. Apple is bringing superficial hardware flourishes to an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning fight, and Google is showing the world their ass for it. "You've been told that you think need 2 phones lens and supercomputing image processing to create a bokeh effect in photos. Well that's bullshit. With AI, Machine Learning, one lens, and significantly less computing power, we've destroyed that myth forever with the Pixel 2." --Google Google's hardware event embarrassed Apple beyond repair. It showed just how far behind Apple is in AI and Machine Learning. And it showed the world that future is not hardware at all, but ambient computing powered by AI. And it showed Apple is not ready for that world. So, is not surprsing the author of this article is not only salty, but is also scared straight out of his delusion that Apple's hardware prowess matters. Especially in a future where the battle has shifted to AI.
    It so frustrating how bad Siri continues to be compared to Google.   It is so frustrating that it does NOT even seem like Apple cares.   But then it is all the AI that Google is doing and Apple appears to not even be interested.   The new UI and AI and after Apple lead the last 2 GUI transitions it is really disappointing to see Apple miss the latest so badly.   This is where Apple really misses Jobs.