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  • Class-action suit demands Apple add lock-out system to iPhone to prevent texting while dri...

    volcan said:
    sog35 said:
    how the fuck is the iphone suppose to know if you are driving or not?
    There is really only one way that I know of. You would need a connected accessory device mounted in the car such as a BT camera or other BT device which would use a visual image or accurate wireless proximity to determine if the phone was being operated from the driver's seat. The system would obviously be voluntary for adults or could be set in parental controls. That said, I can't see how Apple could be forced to provide that sort of solution. It seems like something a third party should be developing because Apple is not the only cell phone manufacturer. 
    While it would not be foolproof (and would require multi manufacture support) one way would be to allow the phones to detect other phones (probably using BT) in a radius traveling over a certain speed and present them with a dialog to acknowledge being the driver so it can be silenced. If one of the phones does not agree to being the driver's iPhone then all phones will prevent incoming calls and messages until someone fesses up.
  • Comparison: Which Apple MacBook is right for you?

    appex said:
    Apple should make upgradable computers. No more soldered RAM or SSD. No more proprietary SSD. No more programmed obsolescence. Protect planet Earth!
    Since most people don't upgrade, even when it was possible, all the extra material used to make every computer upgradable would negate the resources saved by those few that extended the life of the computers by upgrading.
  • Lawsuit blames Apple's 'less safe' FaceTime implementation for fatal traffic accident

    Notsofast said:
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    dewme said:
    Speaking of patents, this lawsuit is patently ridiculous. It's no different than suing a gun manufacturer for not implementing a fingerprint recognition guard on a firearm involved in an accidental shooting (the technology is available), suing an automobile manufacturer for not implementing breathalyzer interlock on a vehicle involved in a drunk driving fatality (the technology is available), or suing the US Park Service for not putting a 20 foot climb proof fence with razor wire around the entire perimeter of the Grand Canyon (no technology required). It's impossible to guard against all possible forms of stupidity. As we've witnessed on numerous occasions just in the past year, there is no upper limit on stupidity. Just when you thought you've witnessed the stupidest thing humanly possible, whammo, you are proven wrong! If anything needs a military grade stupidity filter, it's Twitter, not FaceTime.
    Personally I think Apple should buy Twitter, shut them down, and give the money back to the shareholders.  Boy that would be awesome and we all know why.
    How does that censorship thing work when someone is saying something you support?  We don't do it then right?   Like all this talk about fake news.  Who gets to decide?  Is MSNBC shut down because of all the fake news put out by their anchor Brian Williams?  How about CNN and Donna Brazille giving the questions out to HC, was that debate they hosted fake news then because she had the questions in advance?  You see it's easy to be upset when your candidate wins, but to call for censorship is not the answer because you won't like it when it happens to you or something you support, but it will be too late then.
    Generally you have three classifications of speech. Fact, Fiction and Opinion. While you do have a human elements to consider publications that lean in the direction of one of those three categories are very easy to identify. When most people talk intelligently about "fake news" they aren't talking about editorial misconduct or getting the facts wrong, or even sloppy reporting. Not even lying journalists that fake interviews. They are talking about organizations and individuals that purposely publish fictional news, knowing that it is purely fabricated, misleading, and published solely for financial gain because it will cause controversy or lend support to a popular opinion. In the old days these would be referred to as supermarket tabloids. e.g. "The Enquirer." Now these are teams of people in places Veles, Macedonia or St. Petersburg, Russia publishing absolutely bogus articles to wordpress sites cloned under hundreds of different publication names and domains and posting links under hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of fake twitter and Facebook account for both financial gain and propagandized goals.
    Once you curtail the means for truly fake news to reach its audience then it makes it easier to address editorial standards in traditional media. I'm not against flagging articles from "reputable" publications as "fake" if it meets the criteria. Most of them do respond to criticism when they don't meet journalistic standards where as fake news outlets just keep posting more fake news. 
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  • Hands on: Duet Display for iPad brings Touch Bar, Apple Pencil to your extended Mac desktop

    jdw said:
    The yearly add-on brings palm rejection, and pressure sensitivity for both macOS and Windows.
    Why must I pay for an endless subscription for only that?  Are those features constantly evolving such that one must pay for them endlessly?
    If you need the features, you're probably happy to pay for it. If you're not, then you won't. Software development isn't cheap.

    The way the app store works, is you can't charge for updates unless you make an entirely new app. If you do that, then there's no way to offer upgrade pricing from previous versions without promotion shenanigans or creative use of the software bundle feature.

    I'm sure that Apple Pencil refinements will be the vast majority of the developer's work going forward, and as such, it makes sense for that group to bear the burden of the development cost.
    It could have certainly been a 1 time in app purchase. It did not have to be a $20 a year subscription. $20 is about all these features are worth. It's all I paid for Astro and it does everything (and wirelessly too) but the touch bar and I'm sure that's coming soon.
  • Hands on: Duet Display for iPad brings Touch Bar, Apple Pencil to your extended Mac desktop

    I have Duet running on a 12" iPad Pro and it's OK.

    I suspect that:
    • the rumored early 2017 iPad Pro will include the ability to connect directly to a Mac and be used as an auxiliary display, auxiliary KB/Trackpad and as a graphics tablet I/O.
    • Adobe, Pixelmator, AutoDesk, Apple, etc. will supply Mac and iPad Pro apps that operate stand-alone and/or interconnected.
    • there is a great potential for image editing on the iPad Pro for industries such as healthcare/patient care, Drafting/Construction, etc.

    Sadly, this will take all the wind from Duet's sails.

    It will probably also crush Wacom sales too.