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  • South Korea ends Apple, Google control of app store payments

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    People are arguing for reasonable commissions for those use cases that resolves a big discrepancy in pricing that we are seeing today. 
    I see big complaints about the 'unreasonable' 30%commission all the time and have never yet seen one credible argument about what is reasonable.  "I don't like it" or "that sounds large" is not a reasonable argument.  How much does Best Buy etc. tack onto the wholesale price when they self software?  How much do retailers in general tack on?  I know 30% is not uncommon, might even be on the low side.  People think the commission should be more like a finders fee where the finder does nothing except refer customers.  It's not as if Apple doesn't incur costs running and maintaining the App Store.
    From the dollar you spend in the AppStore Apple keeps 30 cents.

    According to expert testimony in the Epic case, from that 30 cent cut Apple spends 9 cents in supporting services and hardware to earn it. That leaves 21 cents as clear profit. That's a very healthy return, so no wonder Apple is so big on "Services".
    Actually, by Apple's reckoning it's about 3%. They count all the dollars, including those transacted through free apps, the ride hailing apps, the meal delivery apps, etc. The free apps are 85% of all apps, accounting for 90% of the money in the iOS App Economy. Apple gets that 3% by only taxing 10% of transactions, for the stuff that is consumed on the device, with 30%.
    Epic thinks this is unfair because they are effectively subsidizing the free apps, some of which are their competitors.
    But that is just how taxes work, you pay for stuff you don't need, or even stuff you would like to not exist.
    Epic is like someone who does not want to pay road tax for all the roads other people use.

  • South Korea ends Apple, Google control of app store payments

    Maybe Apple will just start charging those that do not qualify for the small business program, those that make more than 1 million on the app store, a lot more for developer membership, and also for dev tools and app submissions. Apple hinted at this in the Epic trial. They will get their money one way or another, they prefer the system they have now.
  • South Korea ends Apple, Google control of app store payments

    Maybe Apple is counting on there being rampant scamming, or at least enough to show other legislatures why this is a bad idea. 
    This may take a while, South Korea does not seem to have worked out yet how and if the “concerns of Apple and Google” can be addressed. 
  • South Korea ends Apple, Google control of app store payments

    “Adjustments can be made in executing the policy” sounds like a solicitation for bribes. 
  • Ex-App Store head says Apple Arcade violates Apple's own policies

    If Microsoft gets what it wants, how long before we can stream Word and Excel?