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  • Hands on with Apple's FaceTime Attention Correction feature in iOS 13

    That setting is on my XR as well as my 12.9” iPad Pro... not sure why “only XS & XS Max” is being reported...
  • Apple worried about constitutional changes in considering North Carolina campus

    dysamoria said:
    politicians "meddling with constitutional amendments for political influence,"
    Don’t. get. me. started.  :D 
    Francules said:
    I can’t live in peace because of police & county politics being racist & disccrimnating me against my natural & spiritual practices. They hate vegans. 
    You’re nuts. No one, anywhere, is forcing you to buy animal products.
    No. That's a strawman YOU built; it wasn't a statement Francules made. Francules is talking about bigotry; the word used was "hate".

    People do demonstrate considerable hatred toward vegans in certain places. Is it difficult to understand that it happens, or do you reject the fact of it?

    I experience it myself, even from self-proclaimed *progressives*. They seem to view mocking vegans as a safe type of bigotry in which to participate. It's almost like some kind of pressure release valve for the other bigotry they've been suppressing, in order to present themselves as progressive and welcoming to others. They'll defend their bigotry by referencing a nasty vegan they encountered once (more likely, merely heard of from someone else who told them how nasty or "holier than thou" vegans are), and then they'll throw myths about human biology/diet that aren't held up by actual science.

    It's still bigotry. Refusing to accept that bigotry exists is part of the reason that it continues.
    One can be a bigot for disliking/thinking less off people for many reasons. What is so unkind, unfair, etc. about bigotry is- typically the thing they hate others over- the victim of bigotry had little to no control over in the 1st place... being a different race, raised in a different religion, who they happen to be sexually attracted to, and so forth.
    However, if you dislike/think less of people that always bring 20+ items through the 10 items or fewer line, or people that constantly interrupt in the middle of others speaking, or something of that ilk- you can hardly be labeled a bigot. You’re basically saying “I personally don’t care for annoying people”.
    Thats pretty much how I view “vegans”...
    You wonder why people are irked by you??
    Ummmm.... look at your ridiculous comments here!
    You're trying to equate your inconsequential decision to follow some special dietary guidelines & many people’s annoyance at you calling attention to it w/ actual racism & bigotry.
    How tf would anyone even know that you’re vegan to supposedly “hate” you for it, lol?
    You have an “I’m Vegan!” tattoo on your forehead? No? Hmmm.... let me guess- you slip it into EVERY conversation you’ve ever been in, even if it doesn’t relate at all (ooooh, this one comes to mind!).

    I’m so over the “faux-wounded”...
    I’m reminded of this hilarious bit from Silicon Valley:

    Gavin Belson: I'm getting a little tired of this bias against the leaders of our industry. I'm continually creating jobs and helping people, and I'm tired of getting slapped for it. I didn't steal the money I have, and I resent being treated like I did. You know, there is a climate in this country that is very dangerous.
    Kara Swisher: It's dangerous out there for billionaires? 
    Gavin Belson: There's that attitude again, Kara. Billionaires are people, too. We are leaders in technology, in industry, in finance. Look at history. Do you know who else vilified a tiny minority of financiers and progressive thinkers called the Jews? 
    Walter Mossberg: Wait a minute. Did you just compare the treatment of billionaires in America today to the plight of the Jews in Nazi Germany? 
    Gavin Belson: Absolutely. One could argue that billionaires are actually treated worse. (audience groans)And we didn't even do anything wrong. (more groans)We're an even smaller minority. (groans) There's a lot more of them. (groans) These are facts.
    tallest skil
  • Google pledges to stop scanning emails in Gmail for personalized ads

    MacPro said:
    So, and correct me if I'm wrong, but every email a Mac user sends using their Apple Mail to a Gmail account is surely also being scanned and used this way.  If so, I'd like to see a class action law suit.  Gmail users probably signed up for this invasion of privacy, Apple Mail users didn't.

    BTW and relevant ...  Little Snitch version 4 is out in beta now (10.12 and 10.13 compliant) and very impressive!  
    Lol, think that through....

    Once you you send it & it gets dumped into the receiving party’s inbox, it is their property. They may show it to whomever they wish, correct?
    If you sent me an email & I showed it to my uncle; are you of the opinion that you’d have a basis to sue me?? Of course not! Similarly, when a gmail user accepted the EULA & terms of service they agreed to “show” the emails they receive to Google. They are NOT scanning anything that you have ownership of, using Apple mail... they only scan it once the receiver takes ownership of it (when it hits their inbox).
     I think in this instance... such a lawsuit would never even get off the ground.
    It is EXTREMELY clear cut.
  • Review: Apple's 2017 10.5" iPad Pro stuns with 120Hz ProMotion display

    nhughes said:

    Rayz2016 said:
    nhughes said:
    nhughes said:
    Interesting the bizarre disparity of opinion...

    I read this blurb on 9to5:
    “The new iPad Pro, however, concedes nothing to price. It’s an all-in product that cuts no corners”

    Buuuuut, on this site:

    “with a $649 starting price, Apple cuts just a few too many corners for our liking”

    I own one & love it (though, I’m straining to try to see the display differences that these reviewers call “obvious”).... so I was REALLY curious what corners they felt were cut- after reading like 30 paragraphs of praise, I finally came across the note that they thought Apple should’ve included the faster charger. 
    Thats the “few too many corners” AI is talking about I guess.

    sheesh..... talk about nit-picking!
    You left out the parts where I note that the $650 entry price is $150 more than the new flagship iPad cost for years. Or where I say the $329 iPad offers more value to consumers (a product we rated higher at 4.5/5 stars). Or where I said that to get the most out of this iPad you would have to spend closer to $981. Or where I say that Smart Connector support is lacking and Apple should push third parties to create more options, since only Logitech is making devices for it. 

    4 out of 5 is an excellent score for an excellent product. But there are clear, simple ways Apple could improve the product without the need for a theoretical A11X chip or 16MP camera or iOS 12. Hence the score, and the comment about cut corners. 
    None of your points, except the charger, seem to fit the definition of a cut corner.

    A higher price is not a corner cut. 

    The fact another product offers better value is not a corner cut.

    Separetly priced accessories, which are needed only by a portion of the market, is not a corner cut.

    Lack of third-party support for the Smart connector is not a corner cut.  The smart connector still does what it does, offers the capability it was designed to offer, regardless of whether many third parties have taken advantage of it.  If in six months a pile of third parties have created accessories that connect to it, will you say that Apple has now tacked that corner back on, when the functionality of the connector has not changed at all?  Makes no sense to call this a cut corner. 
    Call them whatever you want -- cut corners, shortcomings, flaws, etc. We're focusing on one phrase used in one paragraph of a lengthy (and by the way, extremely positive) review. 

    I wanted to get across in the opening paragraph that there were simple things Apple could have done to improve the product out of the box. The lede serves to summarize the piece in a simple and concise way. Obviously when you boil thousands of words down into two sentences, some meaning is lost. 

    If issue is taken with my use of the words "cut corners," so be it. I was just attempting to explain that the $650 price is steep, and many customers will be equally served by the $330 iPad. 

    It's not really a question of 'taking an issue' though, is it? Your use of the phrase 'cut corner' is clearly wrong. I don't think anyone is saying that these issues shouldn't be highlighted; what folk are saying is that they should be described correctly. 

    I read the article twice and came away thinking, 'So where the hell were all these cut corners then?'

    The lack of third party support for the smart connect is not a cut corner.
    A hike in price is not a cut corner. 
    The only thing mentioned here that could be described as a cut corner is the low power charger, which as shortcomings go gets a 'meh, whatever' from me.

    Accuracy is important, whether you're a blogger or a journalist. A few folk here feel the same way, which is why they pointed this out. 

    Thanks. The input is genuinely appreciated. I will concede that, in hindsight, I could have used a better figure of speech to summarize my feelings about the product in the opening paragraph. That said, I stand by the content of the review, and take issue with your suggestion that it is lacking in "accuracy." Taking a complex, lengthy take on a product and boiling it down to a headline or single tl;dr paragraph is difficult. We do the best we can, but obviously some efforts will be better than others. I hope that a prospective buyer -- one who maybe doesn't have the time/patience  to read the full review -- at least sees the opening paragraphs and gets a good feel for my sentiment on this product and its strengths and shortcomings. I maintain that most buyers will be well served by the $330 iPad for years to come. 
    As the op that first noticed & pointed out the confusing turn of this phrase- I’d have to give you kudos for acknowledging weakness in that particular phrasing.
    Fwiw, I don’t take umbrage to ANY other part of your review, nor find any other part inaccurate... w/ the caveat that: if you make one statement that is quite clearly incorrect, it can cause some to immediately disregard the entirety. 
  • Apple executive Bozoma Saint John to leave company, report says

    Maybe she's unhappy with her fellow executive—Finals court side incident alleging Eddy calling Rihanna a bitch? 

    Oh Jesus Christ.....
    There's "a bit of a stretch", then there's "highly unlikely", then there's "beyond the pale", then there's this notion.

    Get real.