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  • Apple closes all retail stores outside of China until March 27

    H1N1 in 2009 was much worse. Look it up if you've forgotten. It was 11 years ago, so most people don't bother to remember past events to understand the present. Apple didn't close any stores then, and they shouldn't have to now. About 1000 people had died in the US before Obama declared an emergency, and no one in the media or in the Republican Party criticized him for it. Trump shuts down flights from China in January, and then puts in motion a lot of other measures, and they can't stop complaining and politicizing. This. Will. Blow. Over. It's not that big of a deal. It's smart to take precautions, but this isn't any worse than a bad flu outbreak. And that brings me to another point. The flu infects and kills more people every year than corona virus has or likely will. Why don't we call flu a pandemic? Why don't we shut down flights and close Apple stores when the flu season starts? Some will disagree with me on this, but flame away all you want. I'm right. It's annoying how people forget what happened before. I didn't stop going to shopping malls, flying, or anything else after 9/11, and I will not allow this to make me live my life any different. I always practice good hygiene. When I'm at the gym I use hand sanitizer a lot. I just practice common sense.
  • Warren Buffet says he's finally using an Apple iPhone

    Well this is nice, but so what? It's totally irrelevant to me what he uses. I also don't care how much he's paying in taxes every year either. Warren Buffet's insight is valuable, but I don't look to him to decide what products to buy and his seal of approval is only mildly interesting.
  • Three days with Apple's new Mac Pro: incredible speed that will accelerate with time

    We can always count on Adobe to be slow with updating their apps to support new Apple hardware and operating systems. Apple's Macintosh helped Adobe get its start. Their ingratitude toward Apple is obvious every time Apple releases something new and innovative. Adobe can and should get their software updated BEFORE new versions of macOS are released, and they should also have updated their software to take full advantage of the new Mac Pro's computing power.
  • Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max versus the Pixel 4 XL compared

    It doesn't matter how great Google's hardware is. Android is still crap.
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  • 'iPhone XI,' 'iPhone XI Max' renders suggest little difference from iPhone XS family other...

    I hope that these renders are not true. I HATE that fugly three camera bump. If Apple really will include three cameras on the next iPhone, then hopefully they know how to make it look good. I get new iPhones every year and I will have to skip this one if they release one with that horrible three camera bump. And I hope they stop using Roman numerals for product names. I'm sick and tired of hearing "iPhone ex" come out of people's mouths. Does anyone at Apple stop to think about the fact that their last two flagship iPhones have been referred to as "ex" and "ex es"?