If only, this site was more with interactive inducing interface. This site is run by enthusiasts though, never let it become corporate centric like MacRumors. Until then, that's what keeps AppleInsider loving unlike PhoneArena. I would like to someday offer my enthusiastic service here as well.


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  • Qualcomm share prices drop despite rosy earnings, new Samsung deal

    Samsung is boneless.
  • South Korean prosecutors probe Apple over iPhone slowdowns

    Or.. they are just using a mediocre battery to make a software excuse?
  • TSMC said to have locked up all 'A12' chip orders for Apple's 2018 iPhones

    What happens after 1nm?
  • Gmail updated to take advantage of iPhone X display, add non-Google email accounts

    Feels like an old, legacy app.
    It is. 
  • Apple and the future of photography in Depth: part 2, iPhone X

    tmay said:
    Avieshek said:
    The telephoto lens needs to be given equal importance and emphasis as the wide-angle lens. Starting with f/1.8 Aperture.

    It's also time that other areas are met like the 6-element lens which are made of plastics. During the iPhone 4s-5 period Apple planned of succeeding to glass but it wasn't cost effective at the time. Now, LG has out-of-the 6 has one replaced with Glass.

    One could go even with Crystals like Sapphire and eventually Diamond but taking the first with Glass is like moving from transmissive to emmisive displays. If the plastics are replaced than not only more truer colours can be achieved but purer light will eliminate noise even at 50mp.
    I'm always happy to see an Optical Engineer comment on the design, and manufacturing, of a smartphone camera module.  /s

    I'm guessing that building a telephoto module with glass element(s), large aperture, and a larger sensor in a stack height less than 8 mm, and manufacturing that in volumes of at least 50 million units is non trivial.
    Has it become second nature of internet forums to be readily pessimistic and try to be sarcastically smart as well? Will you prefer to carry the same excuse 100yrs later when the population would expand in multiplications and it's hard for Apple to meet the scale.

    However, aside the fanboyism, The discussion mentioned above is not a random idea of an individual but an explorative discovery evaluated & portrayed by Apple alone. I hope Apple is conscious enough to not live in the same bubble as it's worshippers develop upon. Pixel XL 2 made quite a good show today.
    Apple saved that idea when they might feel the need to increase resolution. They have avoided that road for sometime now. Largan have started production of 18mp Image Sensor this October.
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