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  • Microsoft President calling for antitrust review of Apple App Store

    ITGUYINSD said:
    lkrupp said:
    Everybody wants free ride on Apple's amazingly successful platform. On both the Mac and iOS a developer is more likely to succeed financially if their products are in the App Store where it's easy to buy, install and pay for. But that's not good enough, they want free access or just a nominal fee. Most people don't know that grocery stores actually charge brands for shelf space in their stores. Don't pay, your product does not make it to the shelves. Grocery stores also sell their own branded products in competition with the name brands. Lots of retailers do the same thing but in Apple's case it's deemed anti-trust and anti-competitive.Go figure.
    That's what you got out of reading the article, is that everybody wants a free ride?  I've not read anywhere that anyone thinks the App Store should be a free service to developers.  What is an issue is the mandatory 30% cut that Apple takes, and the inability of app companies to sell their own product without going through the App Store.

    Your grocery store analogy doesn't really work here because there are more than one grocery store chains.  There is only one App Store.  If Grocery store A sets a 30% fee to sell a food item, and grocery store B sets a 10% fee, the manufacturer has a choice and can sell at store B.  There is no choice in the Apple ecosystem.  That is the problem, not that everybody wants a free ride.
    It’s not like comparing two grocery stores, it’s like comparing selling the goods yourself on a market stall as opposed to selling it through a distributor who takes care of marketing, excess stock losses, payment management, distibution and quality control of your product for you. All of which costs. 
  • Apple destroys Facebook in poll about trustworthiness with personal data

    I’m really sprised google were so low down the list. Although 23 and me are not officially linked to google, it was hardly supprising after years of saying they wouldn’t sell data from the profiles the determined, they eventually said that that was exactly their business model. What’s that got to do with Google you ask? Well the original CEO of 23 and Me was married to Google’s other co-founder Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin.