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  • 'iPhone 12' announcement in October, 5G models ship in November claims report

    mike1 said:
    I think this is the first I've heard about separate 4G LTE and 5G variants of the same models. Another whole set of SKUs to worry about.

    3-4 colors
    3 storage size options each
    Are there still different models depending on the carrier???
    Different models for different regions worldwide
    Now double all that because of 5G/No 5G variants

    That's an awful lot of SKUs
    I’m sure Apple appreciates your “concern” 🙄
  • Apple to bring Mini LED screens to iPad Pro in early 2021

    ne1 said:
    Definitely waiting until new models come out...unless my 9.7” Pro keeps having this background refresh / battery overheating problem on 13.5.1
    Switching out the hardware isn’t going to fix a software bug. 
  • Apple to bring Mini LED screens to iPad Pro in early 2021

    DAalseth said:
    tht said:
    I'm getting tired of the teasing now. Feels more like punishment to continually rumormonger this machine for March to June of 2021. Still so far away. ;)
    So true. I want to update my iPP and was looking at this fall. But if the miniLED version gets bumped to Jan-Mar then I’ll wait. Then if it gets bumped to Apr-June, well I’ll have waited that far, might as well hang on. But if it slips longer, well I might wait until the fall when the new ones come out. Oh, but the fall was just a spec bump, the real new ones will be in the winter....

    I’m glad my iPP is running so well. It might be a while before I replace it.
    If the next iPP slips past April-June 2021, the next model won’t hit until maybe fall of 2022 or winter of 2023. Refresh cycle is about 16 months iirc. 
  • Entire 'iPhone 12' & 'iPhone 12 Pro' lineup specs detailed

    apple ][ said:
    Looks like a killer lineup!

    Apple has basically everything covered!

    From the very affordable iPhone SE to these 4 new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models coming later this year!

    There is something there for every need and every budget!

    And if anybody thinks that the lineup is too complicated, then allow me to suggest that their comprehension and understanding is too limited. This lineup is very simple and easy to understand.

    They do not have everything covered, if this rumor pans out.  I want a 5.4” pro, which is lacking in this line up.  Could care less about 5G, but want the better cameras in a smaller phone.

    I can imagine a simpler line up:
    5.4”, 6.1”, 6.7”... all the same hardware wise except for screen size, battery size, color, and price.
    So 5.4/6.1/6.7 for $899/999/1,099 but no mid-tier lineup around $700?  No thanks. 

    What a disaster that would be... a choice between only $1,000 models or an SE? Yikes.

    On the contrary, the midrange iPhone 12 lineup is going to be a huge hit, like the XR and 11 before it. 5G, OLED, FaceID and A14/4GB for $649 with a 5.4” display and it’s physically smaller than the SE? Many will choose it over the SE. 
  • Lawsuit bemoans iPhone XR's 'inferior,' 'defective' 2x2 MIMO antennas

    Rayz2016 said:
    chasm said:
    Wait, are you trying to tell me that cheaper iPhones may not have the same internals as more expensive iPhones?? I FOR ONE AM SHOCKED.

    This lawsuit will go nowhere because harm cannot be proven, because 2x2 is not inferior, and because it’s not defective. Funny how no other phone makers get sued over this sort of stuff, even though 2x2 is obviously more widely used ...
    They know it won’t go anywhere. What they’re looking for is the sweet spot where Apple decides its worth paying to make them go away. 

    Settling frivolous lawsuits just invites more frivolous lawsuits. Apple’s smarter than that. 

    I don’t ever remember Apple settling a nuisance suit. They’ve got attorneys on staff, and to my knowledge they vigorously defend all suits filed against them. 

    That’s not to say they don’t settle those that have merit, but anyone who thinks Apple is going to just lay down will be quickly disabused of that thought.