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  • WWDC was all about software, just like it was when Steve Jobs ran the show

    @Stepheour n Silver, many, many issues I see with the trajecytory TeamAI is currently on...though I believe your boss is in  denial of that, cannot see the forest from the tree. Not sure where to post, since TeamAI is all over the place dropping these posts in various threads. This thread itself seems to contradict what Mr Whet wrote in another post. From that post I read by the Admn, any other member who started such a thread would have it 'disappear' from public view, only TeamAI mod's/Admn's would be able to see it then. Seems to me, the team here, is not altogether in unison, this makes Mr Silver, seem like the analogy of doing a 'Sarah Sanders' iykwim.

    But where to post and address all these conflicting issues that are spread across the forums?

    1st off, not exactly the most important...but:

    Is there any way to post up the author/creator of these editorial/articles when shown in the forums/comments part? I see the author only before hitting the comments link, once going into the forums for comments, the author is not displayed anywhere...So some may not no which TeamAI member they are responding to...I've seen that confusion(though don't have time to search/provide a link...don't have it readily available, and since I cannot edit my post, not going to make another post, simply to insert a link, where it should be able to be place right here). More over, when more than one TeamAI member has contributed to, or is involved with these...I'd like to see their names provided at the bottom of each of these.

    example below(u can see this at many 'news' sites) author is posted right at the top. Unlike here, when you click on her name, you get her full bio/credentials kind of a modified curriculum vitae(sp?)...would like to see that here if you consider yourselves 'journalists' not bloggers. You know, for transparency <<< don't you love the current buzzword/fan fav's of current discourse.

    Oh, yeah, you can quote both Steve and me, bc we both said these things: SteveJobs started off defensively as a joke: "you can't please everyone, all of the time" Me: "and this to, shall pass" in reference to 'fake news'<<< OMG, whatevah, fer sure fer sure, like...totally, awesome.

    At the the end of this article we see "Fox News' Pamela K. Browne and Cyd Upson contributed to this report. "

    One wonders if TeamAI members, or any other source for content here, considers themselves to be 'journalists'. In a blogger social media era, where so many old school forums are now peppered with post that are simply inane 'tweets' know what they say @TeamAI, it is the reality perhaps none of us wants to be, 'once you take the genie out of the bottle, you can't put it back in' F-bombs prevail, civility is gone...for the most, is a blogger ever considered a journalist, and when does a journalists' content qualify as 'blogging'? Are there equal standards being applied to fact checking(so we can avoid the 'fake news' scenarios???)?

    So far, everyone, including the author's of this thread, seemed to have very short memories, in that there does not even need to be any 'event', Apple has, and will likely in the future(almost 100% certainly, imho) introduce/announce hardware updates on any give date or time of the year...sometimes with no fan fare at all. I suspect, we may even have that happening right now. With modest, not likely massively promoted, updates; using currently available hardware that Apple has not utilized to many complaints. Then come 2019, the bigger hardware announcments using 1st off the assembly line hardware that Intel gives to their priority customers. Then perhaps later, WWDC 2019 or 2020  Apple's Axx Arm starting 1st in the MBA/MB 12", following yrs as Arm platform gets even more potent that it surpases Intel/AMD.

    We can look to prior WWDC's for ^ indications of all that. I can provide a link to what Steve did say, which is so on point now, it's not even funny, RIP Steve Jobs, there will *never* be anyone remotely like least in my short life time...if I could take the time, or if I could edit later. Funny, back in the mid '80s, I worked at a company that M$ absorbed/bought out(I was let go b4 that happened)? that provided a powerful solution to a way to port across multiple platforms

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  • Some game developers hint at abandoning the Mac if Apple phases out OpenGL

    no cuda, i'm out.

    iOS is what Apple is focused on bc of $$$, yearly subscriptions via App store, like Adobe/M$ & all others are embracing as the future of profits. If gamers do not want profits, they don't need to develop games in Metal for iOS...their loss

    Whether it be OS X, or PC side; no laptop can provide enough internal horsepower to match what desktop gamers are used to. Which is why if you have a laptop and you are a 'serious' gamer, you get an eGPU, run a GTX 1080Ti modified in the case of OSX
  • What to expect from Apple's WWDC 2018 keynote -- and what not to

    Having trouble with forum software, posting images. Anyway, I have 8GB rMBP 10,1 OSX 10.10.5 as can be seen the mega power user I am, doing stuff like email & net surfing, lol...all I need is a 12" Macbook w 8GB ram? Uh huh, if you say so. I run about 25 tabs in each browser, it was opening 6 more tabs to research my post here, so just tech sites, no video hogs like cable network news...I often have similar problems when I just open a single tab of msnbc, foxnews, or that stinker of a RAM hog, I'm sure this would happen with Chrome or Safari. In fact I get similar problems where the system become unresponsive, basically stalls out on a HP 2009 i7 core laptop with 4GB RAM using Opera that also slows down after opening 10 or more tabs, and running it for days on end. Restarting is what is needed to free up the memory completely, but simply quiting and restarting the broswer is all that is needed...until a few hrs later, or the next day, when the browser memory leaks/holds on memory cause this problem,

    Hey Apple/Microsoft/PC world,,,hammer on the browsers to get them to work with the friggin Net, so I can still use it the way I used to back in a decade ago, before the net required 5G cellular & 1GB Fios connections ( only have 100Mbps cable now, Verizon 20-50Mbps).