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  • Apple Watch 'Series 6' display may be identical to Series 5

    Mac Pro, iPhone Pro, iPad Pro, Powerbeats Pro...Watch Pro 😂
  • Netflix kills in-app subscription option for iPhone & iPad users

    Don't bite the Apple that feeds you.

    This may be an early move is desperation due to Apples coming service.

    I hope Apples service dominates like everything else Apple does. Couldn't care if Netflix became the next Nokia.
    So you want Netflix to fail because they don’t want to give Apple 30/15% cut? How is that good for anybody?
    Totally agree with rogifan_new. There is a thing called "competition", monopoly so far only served the monopoly owner, never consumers. And though I like the enthusiasm, being an Apple fan myself, but given the recent product diversity and general market conditions I see too major issues with the movie service in particular and the charging of fees in general :

    1. The level of bugs have significantly increased for a while, Apple is losing focus on doing things right. Siri, HomePod, iOS sync between devices, and generally looking more into peoples day-to-day life and the ways they use software to remove a lot of the small little obstacles particularly iOS and macOS, are just some examples. Also it took them many years from iDIsk to iCloud Drive to get something remotely competitive to Dropbox running. It does not make me confident them approaching another line of service, as much as I would like to see it, don't get me wrong on this!

    2. Why should any company accept a 30% cut? To me iTunes becomes more and more a service like any other payment service. Yes, iTunes itself may get credit card charges which they have to path through, but I think they should just do it as for Apple Pay, i.e. a small cut of the payment fee, that seems fair and I doubt that the service providers would have a problem with that.

    So overall, greed is never a good adviser when you want to keep both suppliers AND customers stay on board, best is to find a balance everybody can live with. All the recent quality issues (e.g. the bending problem of the new iPad Pro) and excessive fees may hurt Apple badly going forward. And I am personally considering a single developer who spent days and nights on getting the result on the App Store (and already pays for the Apple Developer program); a 30% cut is just outrageous and this community might be grateful that some biggies pave the way for a change (even for solely selfish reasons ;-) ... but like I said, this is just my personal opinion.