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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook rips into 'absurd' Wall Street Journal report on Jony Ive's departure

    Of course Ive is disinterested in design. At least in Apple design.  The proof is in the products released lately. 
  • Oppo sidesteps smartphone notch with under-screen camera

    I predict once every lens, light, sensor and emitter has been buried within the screen, there will be no more new phones.   I mean, once the Holy Grail of 100% screen coverage has been accomplished, what's left?  Everyone seems SO focused on this.  I could care less if there is a notch or punch out or dot or what-have-you.
  • Survey finds reliability is the reason workers choose Mac

    lkrupp said:
    Of course this report will be attacked as invalid by the usual suspects here but it puts all the “gates” and screams of Apple ignoring QA into perspective. In the real world Apple is tops in quality and reliability. If you believe all the crap that is spewed in tech blog comment sections you would think Apple is at the bottom of the barrel in those metrics. Nothing could be further from the truth. The hater narrative is confined to blogs like this one. Only here and in the tech media is Apple constantly doomed or condemned to failure. In the real world people use Apple products and are happy with them.
    So because people disagree with this "fluff" survey we're "the usual suspects"?  Got it.  You're as biased as this survey.

    The way I read it, "a strong preference" is the main reason people buy Mac's.  A strong preference?  Not reliability or speed or value?  

    Where's the Windows users opinions?  Oh...they didn't ask Windows users.  

    I use both Mac and Windows, so I'm not a "usual suspect" but give me more than a survey of only Mac users if you're going to do a survey of satisfaction that insinuates a comparison to Windows users.
  • Review: OWC ThunderBlade provides silent & fast Thunderbolt 3 storage

    No answer about the performance? The quoted numbers are ridiculously low. Based on them, this should be a 1/5 star item and a hard pass from every possible potential buyer. That can't be right.
    From what I've researched, RAID 0 does not add performance like you think it should.  Possibly on writes, but I don't even see that here.  RAID 1 is supposed to double read performance, but not RAID 0.  

    Maybe what I read is wrong, so don't shoot me.  :)
  • Mouse support in iOS 13 and iPadOS includes USB and Bluetooth devices

    georgie01 said:
    Good, mouse support doesn’t belong on touch devices (except in exceptional circumstances). If you want to use a mouse then use macOS.
    And yet, Apple supports external keyboards when the iPad has a mighty fine on-screen touch keyboard available!  Do you also believe that there is no place for external keyboards?  I mean, if you want to use an external keyboard, then use macOS, right?

    Why do people care?  If you'd rather be dead than seen using a mouse on an iPad, then...DON'T!  No one is holding a gun to your head.  But some of us DO have a purpose for it.  It's still the same iPad if you don't connect a mouse!