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  • Microsoft blocks Windows 10 update over Boot Camp driver issue

    MacPro said:
    This saved my ass!  I run a lot of MySQL databases on Windows servers (using Windows 10 Pro, not Server 2016 I should add).  The only one that wasn't f****d up was one running on a Mac mini with Boot Camp that didn't get updated to from v1809 to v1903 (I think that's the stupid version numbers, who thinks these things up at MS?)

    I'd ignore all advice above and use the 'if it ain't broke' philosophy for now.
    It's the YEAR (19 for 2019) and MONTH (03 for MARCH) of the release.  1809 was SEPTEMBER 2018.  Not so stupid.  I suppose it could have been 1074.35.65.1, right?
  • Survey finds reliability is the reason workers choose Mac

    lkrupp said:
    Of course this report will be attacked as invalid by the usual suspects here but it puts all the “gates” and screams of Apple ignoring QA into perspective. In the real world Apple is tops in quality and reliability. If you believe all the crap that is spewed in tech blog comment sections you would think Apple is at the bottom of the barrel in those metrics. Nothing could be further from the truth. The hater narrative is confined to blogs like this one. Only here and in the tech media is Apple constantly doomed or condemned to failure. In the real world people use Apple products and are happy with them.
    So because people disagree with this "fluff" survey we're "the usual suspects"?  Got it.  You're as biased as this survey.

    The way I read it, "a strong preference" is the main reason people buy Mac's.  A strong preference?  Not reliability or speed or value?  

    Where's the Windows users opinions?  Oh...they didn't ask Windows users.  

    I use both Mac and Windows, so I'm not a "usual suspect" but give me more than a survey of only Mac users if you're going to do a survey of satisfaction that insinuates a comparison to Windows users.
  • Apple unveils iPadOS, adding features specifically to iPad

    lkrupp said:
    So iPad OS does not have mouse support, something the whiners and perpetually disappointed crowd were clamoring for. Oh the humanity.
    And here you are whining about the whiners.  Interesting...
  • Apple Music falls from first to fifth in brand intimacy rankings

    chasm said:
    Talk about unscientific but ... I do think the deals Spotify has made with various cell-phone providers to offer the service for “free” (hahaha) as part of your smartphone agreement has hurt Apple Music in the eyes of the youth market. I’m not sure if more exclusives will fix that, so I think Apple needs to make more deals with carriers as a way of offering users a choice.
    Isn't Apple Music a "free" perk from the #1 provider in the US (Verizon)?  
  • Editorial: Intel CPU constraints are sign on the road to ARM chips in the Mac

    Everyone blaming Intel, yet it's Apple that insists on paper thin, fan-less laptop designs that defy physics on keeping them cool.  The rest of us (Windows users) enjoy the latest and greatest chips and hardware and increasing performance with 8th and 9th gen chips.  I'm fine with fans.  They come on when needed, and are silent otherwise.  I also like having the ability to remove a few screws and change / add more larger SSD's or memory. 

    10nm will be nice when it arrives, but I don't see it being Intel's fault that Apple cannot move forward in performance.