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  • Apple responds to reports of worn batteries forcing iPhone CPU slowdowns

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Low Power Mode (the function the iPhone offers you at 20%) cuts the CPU Power down dramatically to get some more battery out of the remaining charge. Since I see people running around with Low Power Mode turned on for bassicaly all the time, since they are still somehow used to the battery life of theyre Nokia from 10 years ago, I really don't see a throtling to prevent the battery from getting too worse I consider that a good thing in generall. Would it be benefficial to tell the user that it happen with a pop up? Maybe. But Most users I know (I sell and support smartphones, just to give you a context) are unable to understand messages of the iPhone telling them, that iCloud backup failed due to insufficient storage. So if you tell Them

    "Your iPhone battery seems to be damaged and maybe needs service. To prevent your iPhone from shutting down, we reduced the speed of your phone. Please contact Apple Care for more Information."

    I guess there would be 3 scenarios:

    A) The customer is puzzled, doesn't get it and just ignores it.
    B) The User thinks Apple has some fishy remote controll over his smartphone, wants to force him to pay for service and/or is angry because he cant play flappy bird with full CPU power
    C) The User properly understands what he was told about, takes a talk with Apple Care and gets a replacement of his battery, maybe even for free because of Apple Care+

    So I guess there is no right or wrong answer here. But at least I do appreciate that Apple is thinking about helping customers with the Issues, and not just tells them they should just go buy a new phone.
  • iPhone X impresses Windows executive, Android fans but bitter bloggers still hating

    What a great and lovely article! Ghanks for making my day :smiley: