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  • Purged screen time monitoring apps misused enterprise tools, Schiller says

    Sounds like the EU/European Commission should go after Spotify, Kidslox and others for not respecting EU laws on data collection. Wonder if the vendors disclosed what they were doing in the software agreement? These apps. could pose a security exposure risk for phones/tablets that may have corporate development data or military-related data (some non-kids may have installed the apps.). Same concern where similar apps. are available for desktops/laptops. Hopefully, corporations would detect the potential exposure, but smaller firms likely would not.
  • Apple rolls out fourth developer betas of iOS 12.2, macOS 10.14.4, tvOS 12.2, watchOS 5.2 ...

    Historically, I don't expect much in the way of changes between minor updates. These are more like Windows service packs. Still, I'm not overly impressed by recent updates from Microsoft, Google or Apple. Not much improvement from any of them. I left the Windows camp after several OS updates that seemed to just reshuffle the same old functionality and make it more difficult to find what you wanted, or do what was necessary. In my opinion, Windows 2000 was the high point, and Microsoft has been going down-hill in ease of use since Win2k. Maybe it's time to consider Linux.
  • MacBook keyboard failures could end with introduction of glass panel keyboards

    Before you folks get bent out of shape, remember most patents are never actually used.  I can remember NCR (1980's) implying bubble memory would replace RAM, especially in point of sale units (retail registers).  I can remember MSFT's Bill Gates saying the internet was a 2 year phenomenon (to be replaced by something they were developing).  I can remember INTC's failure with a digital watch decades ago.  Remember the Palm Pilot, Microsoft Zune, Apple Newton... Wait and see how things develop.  Maybe this patent could be destined for a planned product to compete with the largest of the Surface Pros?  

    As far as the built-in trackpad on Mac Pros goes, compared to ones I've used on Dell, HP, Samsung and Lenovo, the Mac Pro ones are miles ahead.  

    Years ago (1970's and before) you could replace individual keys on some keyboards (each key mechanism was a separate module).  However, modern keyboards are much smaller, lighter, less expensive and a great improvement, except for ease of repair.