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  • Editorial: Reporting about the MacBook Pro is failing at a faster rate than the butterfly ...

    I laughed so hard reading this. I'm sure DED gets paid by the word hence everything is as long and windy as possible. lol.

    "MacBook users have clearly been inconvenienced by keyboard issues for those repair programs to exist, and AppleInsider has long maintained that Apple must address keyboard issues buyers have experienced, and continue to improve upon its polarizing keyboard design."
    So there is a keyboard problem?

    "Some publications even appear to have been working to create a mythology that recent MacBook keyboards were almost maliciously broken by design, with the only solution being an entirely new keyboard that magically never has any problems-- something they can claim Apple is withholding from its users due to some bizarre imagined mix of incompetence, sloth, and arrogance."
    What other laptops today have sticky keys? Or is this something magical that only Apple can do?

    "There isn't data showing the MacBook keyboard is "broken.""
    Besides the newly introduced keyboard program?

    Thanks again for the laughs DED! Please keep these articles coming!
  • Editorial: Why is privacy-minded Apple putting its new TV app on smart TVs notorious for s...

    gatorguy said:
    Latko said:

    Apple is not selling user data anymore than Google is AFAIK. Anything they happen to have stored regarding the personal "you" is safely and reliably stored and not sold to others. You do accurately note that when it comes to advertising both companies put you in a package of Advertising ID numbers, not names and addresses, which you and can change or entirely opt out of at any time. Any access to "you" is anonymized at least by the principles themselves.

    The whole "you're being sold" conversation as it concerns Apple specifically (and Google too) is in general a FUD campaign.

    There really are companies out there selling the real you, personal details and all: Credit bureaus who sell more than a credit rating, insurance brokerages who sell claims histories and specifics of home, auto, boat, or whatever else you have of insurable value, state licensing agencies who sell driving records and ownership registrations among other stuff, even the principle CC licensing agencies like Visa and Mastercard who sell personal purchase histories. Oh and don't forget your bank, brokerage and pharmacy and until at least the past few weeks your cell carrier. EVERYONE seems to be in on it.

    Worries about an ad placement seem kind of petty don't they?
    False. Google collects and stores tons of information about you and uses this against you, the product it's selling to its customer. You know this but yet you keep posting that Apple and Google are the same and "Google cares about your privacy" propaganda. That's purely false. 

    Companies that collect data, the way Google collects your Google Home mic recordings, Nest videos, and other data, routinely lose it, hand it over to police--in ways that innocent users have lost their jobs over--and mistakenly leave it open for hackers to access.

    You keep blatantly lying about Google and pretend that Apple is doing the exact same things. There must be a reason why you spend so much time fabricating totally false claims about Google. Can you lay out for us your business model, who you are, who you work for, and who pays you to sit on AppleInsider posting totally false information all of the time? Because it seems to be your full-time job.

    Google is the default search provider on Apple devices, so how's that helping the Apple privacy stance?
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  • Editorial: The big loser in the Apple - Qualcomm settlement isn't Intel, it's Android

    Didn't read the article, the headline is such a stretch you already know it who wrote it and that it will be a pages of links to his own older articles.

    The lady does protest too much.
  • Editorial: How AirPods and Shortcuts shifted Apple's Siri story and blunted Amazon's Alexa...

    DED articles are the girl that cried "Wolf!", it's fun in the beginning but after a few years it gets boring and predictable.

  • Editorial: Another F for Alphabet: Google's Android Wear OS still 'half baked' after five ...

    Abalos65 said:
    While I agree with the fact that WearOS is half baked, I do find this editorial adding absolutely nothing of value. It is just a piece hating on everything Google, taking a whole article to basically say; 'Everything Apple Good, Everything Google Bad'. You don't even go into detail as to why WearOS was half baked, what it missed, what didn't work. You just say it was half baked and rushed only. Furthermore, most of the article is not even about WearOS.

    You say that WearOS is targeted to only tech users and never ever realistically supporting a selection of either sporty or luxuriously fashionable bands. What about the Diesel, MontBlanc, Skagen and Fossil watches then? Or do you really mean bands and not brands? In that case your point is even weaker, as most WearOS watches have support for standard watch bands, making the selection much larger compared to the ones of the Apple Watch.
    The features you mention on the Apple Watch like wireless charging,weatherproofing and OLED were also available on WearOS watches, so why are these mentioned as features only the Apple Watch has?

    And to be clear, I do not like WearOS.
    Please don't come ruin a DED article by specifying facts. 
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