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  • Editorial: How AirPods and Shortcuts shifted Apple's Siri story and blunted Amazon's Alexa...

    DED articles are the girl that cried "Wolf!", it's fun in the beginning but after a few years it gets boring and predictable.

  • Editorial: Another F for Alphabet: Google's Android Wear OS still 'half baked' after five ...

    Abalos65 said:
    While I agree with the fact that WearOS is half baked, I do find this editorial adding absolutely nothing of value. It is just a piece hating on everything Google, taking a whole article to basically say; 'Everything Apple Good, Everything Google Bad'. You don't even go into detail as to why WearOS was half baked, what it missed, what didn't work. You just say it was half baked and rushed only. Furthermore, most of the article is not even about WearOS.

    You say that WearOS is targeted to only tech users and never ever realistically supporting a selection of either sporty or luxuriously fashionable bands. What about the Diesel, MontBlanc, Skagen and Fossil watches then? Or do you really mean bands and not brands? In that case your point is even weaker, as most WearOS watches have support for standard watch bands, making the selection much larger compared to the ones of the Apple Watch.
    The features you mention on the Apple Watch like wireless charging,weatherproofing and OLED were also available on WearOS watches, so why are these mentioned as features only the Apple Watch has?

    And to be clear, I do not like WearOS.
    Please don't come ruin a DED article by specifying facts. 
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  • PSA: The HomePod now counts towards streaming limits with Apple Music

    This is what other streaming services do as well.
  • Apple plasters privacy ad on billboard near Las Vegas Convention Center ahead of CES

    That is a brilliant ad, and a great play on the Vegas slogan. No doubt this is going to piss off a lot of people.
    No, it's quite wrong actually.

    There are many people that take photos while doing naughty things, only to have it pop up on the Apple TV screen saver at home a few seconds later.
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  • Mac Pro, iMac & Qualcomm: What to expect from Apple in the start of 2019

    chasm said:
    entropys said:
    What I don’t understand is why Apple can’t keep the latest processor each year. It isn’t as though it drops the price on out of date imacs.  
    Why not update whenever Intel releases a new CPU? The extra R&D would be minimal, and people wouldn’t feel like they are being ripped off if the only choice of iMac has previous gen hardware. It just annoys people.
    This is a total fallacy based on a sample size of one: yourself.

    Take it from someone who used to work in both Apple and non-Apple retail: the number of people who have any understanding whatsoever of what is inside their machine or what “gen” it is (or its name ... or what it does) is nearly exactly the same as the number of people who can identify, name, and replace all the parts in their car.

    Literally yesterday, I watched a woman (who told the clerk she almost exclusively works in Office and Google apps, and puts everything either on an external hard drive or Google Drive) buy an outdated and underpowered dual i5-based refurb Asus machine with very little RAM or storage (4GB, 64G SSD) primarily because a) it will perform just fine for the next few years given her needs and b) she liked the colour of the case (a nice cobalt blue).

    You and I and everyone else reading this is likely cringing, but even though she literally could have saved $150 by buying a basic IPad and a BT keyboard, I can’t argue that — based on what she said she does — she picked all that poorly.
    If she is using Office/Google apps it would mean spreadsheets and documents all day long - something that is going to be terrible to do without a mouse. Learning all the short cut keys for formatting, colors and the rest is not worth the effort, and no, using your finger or grabbing the Pencil as a touch interface isn't going to substitute.
    She bought something that isn't going to drive her up the wall.