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  • Editorial: Apple just told you that they aren't going to make an 'iPhone SE 2' any time so...

    Best iphone never created.
    -iphone SE frame/form factor
    -glass back for wireless charging
    -haptic touch id (7/8)
    -quality LCD screen (7/8)
    -iphone 11 dual camera setup
    -A12 or A13 chip
    -eSim + Qqom modem
  • Apple says the 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard doesn't improve reliability, and that's not great...

    This is such a complicated topic and without actual apple provided data, I don't know that we'll ever get a valid or accurate sense of the scope of this issue since the data presented here is relative and not absolute. It does not attest to the overall reliability of the keyboard as compared to past keyboards, just a relative ratio of keyboard repairs vs other repairs.


    This issue itself has caused me to second guess myself on purchasing a new macbook to replace my basically "vintage" 2009 13" MBP. I've had keyboard keys on my '09 MBP break in 2010 and 2012. Both times I purchased a new key online for about 5$ each, and popped in the new key. They never fit flawlessly, but they worked for the past 8 years well enough. The fact that even if these new keyboards were as reliable as the old ones, there is no "cheap" fix. I cant simply break out the bad key, and insert a cheap, slightly lesser key and have the keyboard continue to function. If I plan to keep my new MBP for even half as long as I've had this one, I'll be out of the "repair program" and could have a dead computer with no affordable fix available in 4 years.
  • Apple refreshes MacBook Pro with six-core processors, 32GB of RAM

    They did not update the non-touch bar 13 models... Kind of ridiculous to keep selling intel 7th gen and 8th gen models side-by-side. Well at least its saving me the urge to spend $1300. Better luck next year.
  • Alleged 'iPhone SE 2' with glass back & headphone jack spotted in new pictures

    tailstoo said:
    Why is it that leakers always have the lowest quality cameras??!!
    Many times these factories have a no camera policy, so the only cameras that can make it in are low quality micro/hidden cams.  That said, this back panels looks suspect, partially due to the edge transition and "foggy white" apple logo.  Could be lighting and quality of shot but seems more like an under developed concept or a fake. 
  • Video: As Dropbox IPO goes live, should you consider switching to iCloud Drive?

    Apple needs to bump their free tier to 50gb (it should at least match a standard new phone's storage for backups and photos). So many people get frustrated with iPhone because they get the "iCloud storage full, back up not completed", etc, and turn to other services to offload app data or file storage. By giving everyone more space for the necessities of using an iPhone (backup, photo storage, etc), they'll drive up usage of iCloud in general, which should spill over to their other icloud services. Everyone pretty much gets 64GB on their phone nowadays anyway so they won't be cannibalizing their storage upgrades like in days past would. And keep 200gb for 3$ and 2tb for 10$ for power users who can/do pay for storage. Disclaimer: I pay .99/month for the 50gb storage.