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  • Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts to depart in April, hands mantle to Deirdre O'Brien

    Overpaid but glad she's leaving. She seemed very bright, but the reality is she turned the best retail experience ever into the DMV and basically added nothing but logistical complication. The threat of her possibly becoming CEO has me breathing a sigh of relief as she was not a good fit.

    The new head of people and retail seems like an AWFUL idea as she is basically head of HR, and now magically a master of retail?

    What would be great is if Deidre is temporary and they convince Ron Johnson to come back. He was great at this role. Apple would be lucky to get him back.
    She turned the best retail experience into the DMV? How so? 

    And what was great about Ron Johnson other than he ran Apple retail when it was a much smaller company?
    Um he CREATED apple retail. When everyone said it would never work. Go google the articles of it's doom. He pulled it out of his mind and made it what it was. The highest $ per square foot retail ever.  So yea, there's that teeny tiny creation thing.

    As for DMV, go to a store today. You're a pinball. She added logistical complication and ruined and poisoned the retail experience. Before, you'd go to the genius bar and deal with your issues.

    Now you show up, you try to find where to check in, there is no genius bar. You ask one employee, they say, um no, im not the check in person, go over there, thats where the check in person is. You go over there and say I'd like to check in. Oh I'm not the check in person, but they are right there. Then you check in and they send you to table X,Y over there. Some people go to the wrong table. The geniuses come looking for where you should be, but the person is in the wrong spot, and now the genius goes to 2 or 3 tables finding the right person. In the mean time, people who have problems are interspersed throughout the store with their poison "my iDevice doesnt work" griping, poisoning the buying experience around others.

    Before, you just went to the bar, you and your problems were isolated and didnt poison others' purchasing experience, and you didnt pinball through the miserable DMV experience. I used to love just stopping by at apple stores when Ron was in charge. I cringe if I have to go there now.  So that's how it's the DMV.
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  • Apple's powerful new Mac mini perfectly suits the 'Pro' market, yet the complaints have al...

    Mac Mini processing minimum four threads in parallel is what many people need (I do) and Pro is for those who need powerful processing of media with large or multiple large projects. If you do not know difference that means you spent too much time on your mobile device moving between screens and not understanding that work on desktop is not on swiching tabs ior screens, but processing many tasks while seeing all the progress within multiple applications or projects. Work as professional and you will learn those basics. That is also why we use multpile large screens (not for fancy picture, but for amount of information our brain digests from different sources in parelle and not in sequential fashion). If you do not do this then do not bother, but then do not ask questions because you will never understand. If you worked on 4-10 projects at the same time you are that professional. Mac Mini is just powerful for fun and minor work. I finally see that Apple brought nice computer I need. However pros that we run in the shop need something better than this so Mac Pro is stilll needed for that work.
    Your gatekeeping of the "pro" title continues to be ludicrous. It's great that you understand what you need, but applying it to an entire class of users is pretty insulting, and not warranted.
    LOL. But you. You. You totally know what pros are.  He doesn't. But you do. You're the one with the keys to the definition. Sure. Sure.
    Where in this piece did I define Pro? Where did I restrict it beyond "you make money on it?" Where am I gatekeeping like "only people who upgrade are pros" or other similar statements?

    Slow your roll and aggression and actually read what you're responding to before you type -- you've been warned at least once before on this. I am telling you again to read the commenting guidelines, which you clearly didn't do the first time I suggested you do so.

    Your dissent is fine. How you are expressing it is not.
    Sure sure. Apparently "agression" is anything that you disagree with. Sure sure.

    That your title "Apple's powerful new Mac mini perfectly suits the 'Pro' market, yet the complaints have already started" is negatively cast on those complaining because apparently you know what perfectly suits the "Pro market" is besides the point. That's not an 'aggressive' belittling of those that just dont know what perfecatly suits the Pro market like youself.

    That you right above in this thread, criticize maciekskontakt's sense of the professional market, and you deem that if "you worked on 4-10 projects at the same time you are that professional" espousing your mastery of what a "Pro" is. That's fine. I see how that works.
  • The 2019 Mac Pro will be what Apple wants it to be, and it won't, and shouldn't, make ever...

    I disagree with the article.  

    Workflow teams from 'StarWars' were the same narrow group that liked the trashcan. I’m getting worried about this upcoming “modular” Mac. The trashcan Mac was “modular” with a octopus nest of wires and boxes snaking from it. I don’t want a “modular” Mac. I want an *expandable* Mac. Pixar/StarWars users are barely 'pro' users, and they are just fine with an iMac/iMac Pro/Trashcan mac.  But the trashcan mac is a failure, and not just for thermal reasons.  It doesnt come close to what pro users want.

    Apple didn't listen on the Mac Pro once already and a HUGE amount of pro users defected from the Mac (they didn't want to, but apple didn't give them a choice).  That number has increased.  They put out another trashcan like 'modular' system, and a huge portion of the remainder will defect.

    It's not true that apple knows better here. The Pros know better and it doesnt matter what the 'wider' audience thinks/wants because that audience has the iMac and MacBooks, so basically, screw them, their thoughts/needs are irrelevant.

    Mark my words, if they dont put out a mac with slots, some storage bays, discrete video cards, upgradable ram, and expansion abilities (akin to Mac Pros prior to the trashcan), it will be game over for the professional market for apple.

    This article is a mistake imo as it gives apple some cover or an out for doing the wrong thing.  Now is NOT the time to give them outs.  Now is the time to say, losers, don't mess this up.  Apple can and has admitted being wrong to consumers (when they pushed DV video instead of CD burning Steve Jobs did an about face). 

    Also, the premise that many people never upgrade their mac pro is a faulty one for the pro market.  Many people dont hit the top speed of their car, but buy corvettes anyway. Also, for professionals, it's not that they will max out those abilities, but it's a non-starter when they are not able to do those customizations that their niche demands.  So that some bulk doesnt make use of that expandability is a red herring, because that it's not capable is a nonstarter for many pros and thats why you see the revolt on the trashcan mac.

    Now is the time to hold their feet to the fire and say, DO THIS OR ELSE.