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  • Israeli spyware claims to beat Apple's iCloud security

    Just another good reason to boycott Israeli products. What would be the consequences of selling such technology to governments which don't give a damn about freedom of speech or basic human rights? Imagine such tech in the hands of government agencies like Smersh, MI5 or 6, KGB, Gestapo, NKVD-KGB, Stasi, NSA, CIA, Shin Bet, et al…it is almost too horrific to contemplate the powers such invasive surveillance services would bring. Not yet fully comprehended are the racist, sexist, misogynistic and socially destabilising words uttered by Trump and echoed menacingly by his followers just recently.
  • Facebook's defunct Research app gleaned private data from 187,000 users

    I wrote to Apple feedback and Tim Cook on several occasions to complain about and request the complete removal of any and all Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other anti"social media" apps from being built in to Mac, iOS, WatchOS, Having that trash on my Apple equipment without first requesting if I wanted it felt most unApple like and greatly disappointed me.

    "Don't Be Evil" and "Do the Right Thing" are cynical mottos and as meaningless as the "meek shall inherit the Earth".
  • Spyware maker mSpy exposes iCloud info as part of massive data breach

    wonkothesane said:
    ...the only other service I chose to trust is iPin which i would drop in a heartbeat if Apple would have an iOS counterpart of keychain access where I could e.g. also store pictures of cards and retrieve them at will.
    I'm not at all sure what you mean when needing an iOS way of safely storing pictures of cards… Do you mean Pictures of Credit/Debit cards? If so, you can already use a few iOS>MacOS iCloud apps with account authentication beyond 2FA.
  • Spyware maker mSpy exposes iCloud info as part of massive data breach

    Don’t worry 70% iCloud accounts have 2FA enabled.
    Something I do immediately with any company I register with who grants Two-Factor authentication.
  • Apple creates webpage for quicker response to law enforcement requests

    Will Apple discriminate between real "Terrorist" accounts and those of genuine internal political dissidents? Steve Jobs was a humanist and I do not see any restraining measures Apple are taking to protect this portal from excesses a potential "Police State" may one day employ. A portal which has the potential of being exploited as a tool of the State undermines liberty and freedom of speech and expression unless it adheres to the highest principles of humanism and human rights.