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  • Jony Ive's exit from Apple caused by company culture changes and growing frustration

    xyzzy-xxx said:
    Apple needs to find to its roots again, even it will not be Wallstreets darling anymore.
    Apple is just fine. They transitioned to a mass consumer products company and they are kicking a$$.
  • Sports Illustrated swimsuit model says she was tracked for hours with AirTag

    M68000 said:
    It’s getting ridiculous now with these news stories.   Car thieves and now this.    Technology for technology sake is not necessarily a good thing.  It reminds me of the fascination some have with self driving robot cars, just because it is possible does not mean it should be done or is a good thing.   Perhaps a time is coming soon where these tracking products need to be shut down and banned,  regardless of brand.
    Why should they be shut down or banned ? Because someone could get harmed or worse ? Unfortunately this is the world we live in and that stinks but you can find a reason to ban everything if you look hard enough. If someone wants to stalk someone they will find a way even without devices like this.
  • Siri and AirPlay 2 officially land on Ecobee SmartThermostat

    Sigh... I NEVER would have considered upgrading from my Ecobee3 to one of these, but suddenly it's on the table with this update. As long as you don't HAVE to enable Alexa, it's on my watch list now.
    I have this one and you do not have to enable Alexa.
  • Apple drops iOS Private Relay feature for users in Russia

    Should foreign companies follow the laws of the countries they do business in? Just ask that question. And it should become obvious that we want companies to follow our laws when they do business here. The U.S. weapons industry sell tens of billions of dollars of weapons and sends support to many countries with horrible human rights records and anti woman and anti LGBT records. Apple is simply doing what every other company in the world does, which is follow the laws of the country they do business in. There is an easy answer that the American capitalists would never stand for - make it illegal for American companies to do business in foreign countries. There. Your issue is solved. Ford, Microsoft, Google, McDonalds ALL follow the laws of the countries they do business in. Please explain why Apple is held accountable in this case but no one else, and what we should do about it?
    Its not about Apple following the laws of the country they do business in. I don't think anyone would suggest otherwise. Its the fact that Apple touts and brags about privacy is a human right and about how important human rights are to them but then they bow to countries like Russia. Either do not do business there or quit with the we are holier than though attitude. What's on your iPhone stays on your iPhone is pure BS. And sure you can say well that applies to US customers...blah blah blah. Their world wide events would suggest otherwise. Apple is a huge profit machine for their share holders and nothing else. The top of their priority list is profits. Everything else is negotiable.
  • Hunter Fan launches new HomeKit-enabled ceiling fan models

    sflocal said:
    Hunter Fan owner here.  I bought their fan because of this option.  When it work, it great.  I emphasize "when".
    I know it’s little consolation and I’m sorry to hear the fan is giving you trouble.

    I’m very happy with the solution we went with. In our house we have several “non-smart” ceiling fans. A few years ago I started buying Caseta dimmer switches from Lutron. A couple of years ago Lutron introduced a Caseta fan control switch. I put two in and they work great. It’s a more expensive solution (considering the cost of the fan, the dimmer switch and the fan switch) but I haven’t had a single issue yet. The only thing the Lutron switches can’t do is adjust the fan rotation. That’s controlled by a small, physical switch on the fan body. Otherwise everything works great. Lutron has been the most rock-solid of all my HomeKit gear.
    This is the route we took too except we are not using the fan controllers. We use the Caseta switch to turn them on/off but we rarely change speed so not missing it. We tried the fan controller but the fans would never get going to their full speed using it. I also agree that Lutron is rock solid. We use HomeKit and Alexa devices and we have never had one single issue with the Caseta line.