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  • Taika Waititi slams Apple's MacBook Pro keyboards in Oscar speech

    Word. In your face, Apple.
  • Editorial: Mac Pro puts the pedal to Metal in Apple's race with Nvidia

    Yeah, there may be a niche market and it may be a cash cow for Apple - but the world is open, there is no metal on embedded hardware, there is no metal on iot hardware, there is no metal running on Linux. 
    I simply cannot imagine a student who writes something in Metal if his professor doesn‘t own a Mac. Anything that is published on the web, written in a doctor thesis - will it be written in Metal? Machine Learning used in the automotive industry written in Metal? Pah - will only happen for Apple cars.

    Most of the tools that need Vulkan will use a wrapper like MoltenVK - and some game engines already do. For most of the developers Metal is just a pain in the a.. . For some great tools like Blender it simply doesn‘t pay off to port the software to Metal.

    If someone tells you that Microsoft only supports DirectX this may be true. But on Windows OpenGL, CUDA and Vulkan support ships with the drivers of the graphic card vendors so it isn‘t a problem to have proper support of open standards on a Windows machine and it isn‘t a problem on a Linux system. 
    Under Tim Cook Apple devices have sadly evolved to completely closed, proprietary, locked down all soldered and glued devices. Since I switched all of my graphics development work to Linux I feel free again. I hope Apple will crash and burn following their strategy.
  • iPhone 11: How Apple makes tech of the future affordable

    Why is everybody (including AppleInsider) ignoring that the iPhone Design ist still broken? Or at least there wasn't a single piece of information about it.
    Since the iPhone X the backcover is covered with glass that cannot be replaced. If you're back cover breaks (and this is what happens sooner or later) Apple requests 600 bucks for a replacement phone.  

    Will be interesting to see the first drop tests with the new iPhone 11 models. Paying lots of money for something that breaks easily and cannot be repaired is just insane. 
    Furthermore devices that cannot be repaired should not considered to be environmental friendly. Same is true for notebooks that cannot be upgraded with more RAM or with a new SSD. "Built to last as long as humanly possible." - This is just a lie, Apple. If this would be true Apple devices could be repaired as easily as it was in the past. 

    Shame on you Apple!
  • Comparing the Dell XPS 13 9370 versus Apple's 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    + ports 
    + replaceable SSD and RAM (repair/upgrade)
    + SSD PCIe (Same as mac)
    + price 
    + high quality keyboard 
    + function keys 
    + 4K display 
    + slim, nice look 
    - doesn‘t run macOS

    + cool design 
    + runs macOS
    + Maybe better build quality (questionable)
    - everything soldered and glued (RAM, SSD, battery), environmental horror 
    - TouchBar
    - Weak keyboard, no function keys
    - no ports, just adapters
    - price
    - OpenGL deprecated in Mojave

    so basically the Dell wins, but it doesn‘t run macOS. But with the 15inch it gets really interesting 
  • Why macOS Mojave requires Metal -- and deprecates OpenGL

    Why is it that these people who threaten to leave never do?

    Times have changed now. For myself I used and loved Apple products for 12 years now and made some nice money with Apple - but now I'm desperate to replace my MBP and I waited for a new Mac Pro this year/last exit. What should I buy? No chance to buy a laptop with less than 32GB and no chance to buy a laptop with a soldered SSD. Those two points are deal breakers. I would accept that I'll get no sdcard slot, no ports, no function keys combined with a weak GPU.
    But deprecating OpenGL forces me to think about Linux/Windows on a nice Dell XPS, Precision/Thinkpad and even Huawei is now building nice laptops (the Matebook X is a nice replacement for some Apple products).