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  • Disney returns working iPhone to owner, after two months underwater

    I suppose lagoons aren't very deep? No mention of water level based on my brief poking around of teh Interwebs.
    Other versions of the story or internet sleuthing suggest the lagoons are about 14 feet or about 4.2 meters deep near the docks.  Could be deeper elsewhere along the rides or water routes.
    king editor the grate
  • Editorial: Apple's Q319 earnings destroy a mountain of fake data and false reporting

    bells said:
    avon b7 said:
    Stopped reading after this:

    "Cook didn't even mention the millions of Huawei Androids that were diverted from Western markets to the domestic Chinese market in a desperate rash of discounting promotions this year. That's pretty clearly because Huawei's phones are not being sold to iPhone users, despite the constant insistence that Huawei is somehow pushing Apple out of business in China, when clearly that's not the case. "

    Please provide supporting links to back this claim up.

    As for the supposed claim by certain watchers that Apple wouldn't be able to shift X series phones, why did Apple pay a 'penalty' clause to Samsung for not reaching the contracted orders for displays?

    Clearly someone got their estimates very, very wrong.
    Talk about hypocrisy. Please provide something other than rumor that Apple paid Samsung a penalty clause. Where is a Samsung or Apple statement or Apple financial record that support that rumor? Don't give me an android central link. 

    Even if true, the rumor concerns OLED displays not LCD displays. It is quite possible that Apple over estimated the more expensive iPhone XS sales that have OLED displays, but under estimated the less expensive iPhone XS sales which don't use OLED displays. So if accurate, Apple could sell less XSs than thought thereby owing Samsung a penalty, but selling way more XRs then thought resulting in a net gain for Apple.

    Korean IT News source with more detail on Samsung Display division and its issues with Apple's contract orders:

    Samsung comments here in their quarterly report:
    "The Display Panel Business reported improvement due to a one-off gain in mobile displays and stronger sales of rigid OLED panels, which offset losses from large displays."

    Apple doesn't list anything within a line item or discussion in its current 10Q report for Q3 2019.  However, there are two areas where Apple discusses Contractual Obligations and Manufacturing Purchase Obligations to the tune of $29.8B for goods and services in manufacturing, and Unconditional Purchase Obligations for future goods and services to the tune of $8.1B.  I suspect the Samsung Display payment of a mere $683M is buried within these two areas.