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  • Apple iPad Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 - compared

    aldanno said:
    I'll say it again and again. It's not a comparison if wyou don't have the hardware or software in your hot little hands. Doing a lengthy article comparing specs is hardly a comparison of real world use, performance and fit and function. I've never seen an auto magazine do a car comparison without driving all the cars. Just my two cents.
    yeah, im sure the Samsung has much better specs than my 2017 iPad pro but cross os it comes down to iPadOS vs Android Tablet and the tablet apps available.
  • Apple TV+ greenlights 'Foundation' season two

    I like what I've watched so far
  • Review: Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is expensive with mediocre performance

    I've got a surface book 2 15" that I'm writing this on right now. The only reason I bought it was the ability to detach and turn it into a tablet seemed like it could replace my use of iPad Pro but I found the touch interface on windows is pretty awful as is the notification system so I still use the iPad pro for all consumption. The GTX 1060 in the 15" model is also not good for a 3240x2160 screen so the only gaming I do on it is 2d games or through Moonlight, streaming from my desktop pc (played loads of Forza Horizon and Total Warhammer this way). It's a pretty good laptop - just not worth the premium price. Especially for the 15" version which now has an out of date GPU.
  • Samsung knocks Apple's notch, record iPhone earnings, Huawei on the rise - Apple's July 20...

    Those ads are hilarious to me even as an Apple user. Personally I'm indifferent to what's on my phone because it's mostly just a phone with similar apps shared between them but I can see people who live on their phones taking more of an interest. The only reason at this point that I'm locked into Apple is I like my icloud shared between tablet and phone, the messages app in particular
  • Apple research continues on combining iPhone, iPad with MacBook-style accessory

    I have a 15" Surface Book 2 and while it's kind of nice I feel like an all-in-one ends up being a bit awkward unless each mode has an OS suited to it. I much prefer to use my iPad Pro 12.9" in tablet mode so the surface just ends up being a ridiculously overpriced slimline laptop (that I can play actually good 3d games on.. while plugged in of course - Total War Warhammer 2 drains the battery in like an hour). In retrospect I would have been better off buying a more chunky laptop and only taking that out for documents/games. Anyway with 7nm parts in the next few years we might meet efficiency to have a more full fledged OS with good battery power but the question is if you can make it ideal for both modes in one OS or it needs to do some kind of switching