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  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    Does anyone have some rough info comparing the cost of the various Intel chips and the cost of an A12z?

    As the A12z is effectively a 2018 chip, I'm assuming that Apple is holding back to show a beefed-up desktop optimised successor that will blow the A12z out of the water. I'm sure they did mention a family of upcoming chips. I'm just wondering if the baseline would be the A12z successor with maybe a couple of more powerful options up to something like a 64-core Graviton2 style chip for the Mac Pro and what the cost would be compared to Intel. 

  • Six ways iPhone 11 Pro bests the Galaxy S20+ -- and five ways it doesn't

    The in-built security of the iOS ecosystem compared to the bandit country that is Android is always undersold. Android is a nightmare in this regard.

    Also, the iPhone 11 will still be getting security and feature updates YEARS after the S20 is left withering on the vine. This is massively undersold too. 

    All you read about is spec v spec. The above is extremely important and almost never appears in reviews, especially in the non-tech press such as the BBC, Guardian and the like.
  • Editorial: Does Apple have the mettle to fight for Mac success in the Pro market?

    Blah, Blah, Blah Daniel... For all the money Apple generates from Mac sales you would think they could offer an option in the middle ground between the Mini and the Pro. Dell, HP and the rest can sell LOADS of different product lines and still make a profit. A Mac user has only one place to go to buy a Mac and Apple offers severely limited choices. Imagine if BMW offered only the 1 Series, 2 Series, and the 7 Series. That's the state of desktop Mac options. 

    I'm sick reading you banging on about how smart and profitable Apple is. As you say, the Mac division on its own would be a Fortune 500 company. When did they last truly innovate? Have you seen some of the recent PC hardware? It might not all be perfect but they try. Apple design for me has been getting lazy for years. The whole trash can Mac Pro was possibly the worst bit of design in Apple's history. All the users wanted was a powerful box they could stick under their desks, maybe fit some cards into for specialist pro tasks, and not really think about at all. Instead, they got something that's beautiful to look (well at least until it has wires spewing out all over the place) but not much more useful than a Mac Mini for professional tasks. It's then left for years without a single update. Absolutely crazy for a Fortune 500 sized outfit.

    The new Pro looks amazing but it's targeted at a very small niche audience. I and a lot of people like me need something bigger than a Mini and smaller than a Pro. A Mac Middle if you will...
  • iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max -- Hands on and first impressions

    A trillion operations per second. On a phone. I remember when the G4 came out and it was classed as a supercomputer as it could do a billion per second. A thousand times more from a phone. 
    The 20 years ago version of me didn't see that coming.
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  • Apple accused of stealing dual-camera technology used in latest iPhones

    If they win you're possibly looking at billions in damages as they could rightly claim that improved cameras are among the very top features people want in a new phone. Would it not be cheaper for Apple just to buy them?
    Might this be one reason for the legal suits in the first place? If Samsung buys them you can be sure this will drag on for years and there will be blood everywhere. The legal costs themselves would be in the many millions.