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  • Editorial: Does Apple have the mettle to fight for Mac success in the Pro market?

    Blah, Blah, Blah Daniel... For all the money Apple generates from Mac sales you would think they could offer an option in the middle ground between the Mini and the Pro. Dell, HP and the rest can sell LOADS of different product lines and still make a profit. A Mac user has only one place to go to buy a Mac and Apple offers severely limited choices. Imagine if BMW offered only the 1 Series, 2 Series, and the 7 Series. That's the state of desktop Mac options. 

    I'm sick reading you banging on about how smart and profitable Apple is. As you say, the Mac division on its own would be a Fortune 500 company. When did they last truly innovate? Have you seen some of the recent PC hardware? It might not all be perfect but they try. Apple design for me has been getting lazy for years. The whole trash can Mac Pro was possibly the worst bit of design in Apple's history. All the users wanted was a powerful box they could stick under their desks, maybe fit some cards into for specialist pro tasks, and not really think about at all. Instead, they got something that's beautiful to look (well at least until it has wires spewing out all over the place) but not much more useful than a Mac Mini for professional tasks. It's then left for years without a single update. Absolutely crazy for a Fortune 500 sized outfit.

    The new Pro looks amazing but it's targeted at a very small niche audience. I and a lot of people like me need something bigger than a Mini and smaller than a Pro. A Mac Middle if you will...
  • macOS Monterey review: A compelling refinement of Big Sur

    Is Podcasts any better? It's absolutely awful in Big Sur. It rarely syncs from my iPhone, it's REALLY slow, the layout is beyond terrible. It's the worst app I've ever used on a Mac followed by its pal, Music.

    I listen exclusively to Rock and Metal. When I open Music and click Browse all I ever see is an endless list of pop, dance, and hip-hop, and a million other things that Music should know I have never, ever, listened to. It's unbearably slow too. When I search for a band it takes ages to bring up the info. And yet again I'm bombarded by suggestions for chart music, dance, chill etc... It knows what I like but continually tries to get me to listen to pop/dance etc... I'm totally offended, to be honest.
  • Look to the new Mac mini with Thunderbolt 3 to predict what the 'modular' Mac Pro will be

    One thing we have to remember here is that Apple is the SOLE provider of the hardware. We have no choice than to go with what they give us and I'm really losing patience with them. There are a load of PC manufacturers that will sell you a big box with plenty of room for expansion so every possible user is covered. Some fully specced PC's sell for well over $50k. You might say that it's a small market but Mac users have no choice at all in this department and it would be SO easy for Apple to fix it.

    Apple is the most valuable company in the world. If they can't offer a line for pros one has to ask why not? The PC guys can. It's not hard. Big case. Plenty of slots and ports. Decent power supply. Job done. Apple could do this easily. Small PC outfits can to it easily at a profit. What can't Apple?

    What's bugging the lift out of me is Apple's obsession with small. In everything. The 2013 Pro was a disaster because of this. I don't want a lovely, delicate machine that needs additional boxes for expansion and ends up with wires and plugs everywhere. It's going under my desk FFS. I don't care what it looks like.

    Why doesn't Apple spin off a Mac hardware division that offers Pro boxes? If the market is that small it won't effect what they do just now but people who have a particular need for expansion will be catered for and can stay with macOS.

    Steve Jobs was fond of saying that design is not only about how something looks but how it works too. Modern Apple would do well to remember this. Pro machines are not about how they look on the desk but how well they can serve you to build and create. The 2013 Mac Pro was almost entirely about how the thing looked which was crazy.

    Please Apple, give us a simple box that offers the expansion possibilities users need and make the price fair too. I want to stay with Apple, I've been an Apple user since 1989 but for the first time I'm seriously looking at a Windows box which is just sad.
  • Apple unveils 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro, M1 Max starting at $2499

    If you want to use recycled aluminium and have space for a big battery there's not much room for styling I suppose. They're Pro machines that put performance above style and that's the way it should be. It looks like nothing on the other side will come anywhere even remotely close. Can't wait for the comparisons but these machines look like big gamechangers. 
  • Adobe Photoshop updated for native Apple Silicon support - with caveats

    To be honest I would just be happy if they would fix the years-long file saving bug that highlights both the filename and file extension when you save. It might sound like a minor thing but you have to type out .psd .jpg .png etc... every single time you save a file. When you save a load of files per day it drives you CRAZY and slows down production hugely. Thousands of people have been complaining about this since back in Mojave and it's still not fixed. 

    Photoshop is just a 30-year-old bag of spanners at this point. I think the time is now right for an alternative.
  • Next Mac mini will have M2 and M2 Pro Apple Silicon chip options

    Surely Apple should keep the M1 Mini as an entry-level machine? At £599/$599 it would be an excellent gateway product and an even cheaper version would be perfect for education. At £499 this would be a no-brainer for schools. 

    After all, the M1 is would still be extremely competitive against similarly priced PCs. A modern-day LC/Performa type machine.

    A range of slightly more expensive M2 Minis would scale seamlessly up to the Studio, which would scale up to the Pro, giving Apple something on the desktop for just about every sized pocket. When is the last time we could have said that? 

    What a turnaround for the Mac. Tremendous stuff from Apple.
  • iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max -- Hands on and first impressions

    A trillion operations per second. On a phone. I remember when the G4 came out and it was classed as a supercomputer as it could do a billion per second. A thousand times more from a phone. 
    The 20 years ago version of me didn't see that coming.
    radarthekatcapt. obviouswatto_cobra
  • Apple lead in premium smartphone sales is growing, as overall market shrinks

    @maciekskontakt – the stats of the entire market are relatively meaningless. Who cares if company A is selling 20m devices and company B only 15m, if most of them are at break-even prices or in many cases slightly below? Only companies that are making serious profits are able to invest heavily in the new technology that will earn tomorrow's profits. 
    I think we're starting to see Samsung struggle a bit in this regard. Apple is making money that allows heavy investment in new silicon that others can't. And the gap looks to be widening. There's absolutely nothing to be gained from selling 100m phones at zero profit. At the end of the day, what have you gained from all your hard work? You might as well not bother.
    Bart Ywatto_cobra
  • Apple continues to dominate tablet market with 19.2M iPads shipped in Q4 2020

    "I would shut down Apple and give the money back to the shareholders.”

    My mum has an 'iPad' as she calls it. It's made by Acer and is a piece of junk. She likes it though. I bought her a proper iPad for Christmas so the whole family can FaceTime and she's blown away with it. The comparison is night and day. I would like to know the tablet Apple vs Android comparison in revenue share 
    terms. So many non-iPad tablets are low powered, low quality efforts that cost half or even less of the cheapest iPad. 

    I would guess that Apple has 60%-70% of all tablet revenue. I have to say that the latest iPad really are excellent.