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  • macOS Monterey review: A compelling refinement of Big Sur

    Is Podcasts any better? It's absolutely awful in Big Sur. It rarely syncs from my iPhone, it's REALLY slow, the layout is beyond terrible. It's the worst app I've ever used on a Mac followed by its pal, Music.

    I listen exclusively to Rock and Metal. When I open Music and click Browse all I ever see is an endless list of pop, dance, and hip-hop, and a million other things that Music should know I have never, ever, listened to. It's unbearably slow too. When I search for a band it takes ages to bring up the info. And yet again I'm bombarded by suggestions for chart music, dance, chill etc... It knows what I like but continually tries to get me to listen to pop/dance etc... I'm totally offended, to be honest.
  • Apple introduces new Apple Silicon Mac mini with $699 price tag

    KidGloves said:
    So, so close... Looks incredible. I could put up with 16GB of RAM but I see this only supports 2 monitors. I need 3 with my setup. Doh!

    I thought it was in the bag and had the credit card out to order... Ah well. It does look tremendous though. All three products look really special. One of the great days for the Mac. And almost one for me... 
    Three monitors to me sounds like you’d better wait for a more professional oriented offering, perhaps the MacBook Pro 16?
    This is actually good news in a way. With only 2 TB ports instead of 4 in the Intel Mini, and a quarter of the max ram, Apple is intentionally hobbling the new Mini. This more or less confirms that the fabled xMac is coming. If it's halfway between this and the Mac Pro I'll be a happy man. They still mentioned that the transition will take 2 years but hopefully that's just a ploy to keep folk buying up current Intel stock and by the end on 2021 the iMac, xMac and Pro will all be getting the Apple Silicon speedy goodness.
  • Look to the new Mac mini with Thunderbolt 3 to predict what the 'modular' Mac Pro will be

    One thing we have to remember here is that Apple is the SOLE provider of the hardware. We have no choice than to go with what they give us and I'm really losing patience with them. There are a load of PC manufacturers that will sell you a big box with plenty of room for expansion so every possible user is covered. Some fully specced PC's sell for well over $50k. You might say that it's a small market but Mac users have no choice at all in this department and it would be SO easy for Apple to fix it.

    Apple is the most valuable company in the world. If they can't offer a line for pros one has to ask why not? The PC guys can. It's not hard. Big case. Plenty of slots and ports. Decent power supply. Job done. Apple could do this easily. Small PC outfits can to it easily at a profit. What can't Apple?

    What's bugging the lift out of me is Apple's obsession with small. In everything. The 2013 Pro was a disaster because of this. I don't want a lovely, delicate machine that needs additional boxes for expansion and ends up with wires and plugs everywhere. It's going under my desk FFS. I don't care what it looks like.

    Why doesn't Apple spin off a Mac hardware division that offers Pro boxes? If the market is that small it won't effect what they do just now but people who have a particular need for expansion will be catered for and can stay with macOS.

    Steve Jobs was fond of saying that design is not only about how something looks but how it works too. Modern Apple would do well to remember this. Pro machines are not about how they look on the desk but how well they can serve you to build and create. The 2013 Mac Pro was almost entirely about how the thing looked which was crazy.

    Please Apple, give us a simple box that offers the expansion possibilities users need and make the price fair too. I want to stay with Apple, I've been an Apple user since 1989 but for the first time I'm seriously looking at a Windows box which is just sad.