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  • Editorial: New Mac Pro highlights the gap Apple isn't filling

    How do Dell, HP etc... manage to have a range of workstations, from low powered slimline desktops to full-size Mac Pro competitors? They cover the spectrum from Mac Mini prices right up to tens of thousands for high spec models.

    As Apple users, we get ONE machine supplier. ONE. It boggles my mind that they refuse to cater to their audience properly. The Mac Mini is a crippled machine. It only has 2 rams slots, both filled with 4GB sticks that have to be binned if you want to upgrade and don't want to pay the outrageous Apple price. The power supply is internal and causes thermal throttling after a very short period of heavy use. Considering what it costs it offers VERY poor value for money.

    If I want to use the 3 monitor setup I love, I have to go for this thing or spend six grand on a Mac Pro. Absolutely awful situation. Crippled desktop or something WAY more than I need. What a choice.

    In the 90's graphic and website designers were a core, possibly THE core, audience that stuck with Apple through the dark days. Now I feel completely abandoned. If I move to Windows I can get a superb, expandable machine for around 2K that has proper graphics, multiple internal drives, and real power.

    Apple now, more than it ever has, looks greedy. I could always justify the extra cost in the past due to how poor Windows was, but it's got so much better that making the jump is becoming more appealing all the time.
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    Looks amazing though I would like to see how the likely crippled $5999 version compares to similar PC workstations. I can't help thinking that the Apple Tax is back with a bang. The stuff looks like it's fantastically engineered (probably over the top for 90%). Anyone want to guess how much RAM the $5999 version will ship with?
    We're talking a base version that's DOUBLE the price of the current base. That's a big jump in anyone's book.
  • Apple's 'modular' Mac Pro design may mean units that connect like Lego bricks

    Something's not right here. Apple traditionally hates cable mess (the main advertising point of the original iMac). A modular design has SO much duplication in chassis materials, fixtures, fittings, power and cooling. And assembly. These things would be very costly to make.  

    It would be SO simple to make a modern cheese cutter. With SSD and no optical it would be smaller too, or leave room for even more expansion. There must be a reason why its taking so long. 

    Could the delay be that they're waiting to go Arm? These enclosure designs last for years. The cheese grater lasted 10 years, G3/G4 7 years etc... 

    Plus they had their fingers severely burned with the embarrassment of the current model which is in a sense 'modular'. It sounds like almost everyone on here wants an updated cheese grater and it seems so obvious that I can't imagine why Apple would make another, potentially humiliating, 'too clever' mistake. Just give the people what they want and need.

    The cheese grater designs were expensive but I remember speccing PC's to similar levels and they very often came out cheaper on a like-for-like basis,. And I'll bet there aren't many 10 year old PC workstations still working away.

    spliff monkey
  • Samsung's foldable display smartphone could launch in March for over $1700

    Just because you can doesn't always mean you should...

    I always had a bit of a soft spot for the Microsoft Courier concept. I think 2 standard (glass) screens with a touch sensitive strip over the hinge area would work fine, allowing you to drag stuff from one screen to the other. It could also offer fixed touch sensitive buttons for cut/paste/home etc...

    I'm assuming that this screen would have to be a soft plastic thing and just can't imagine it being as good to touch as glass (though it would be a lot less likely to break when dropped I suppose). 

  • Blind comparison of photography on the iPhone XR versus Google Pixel 3 XL

    There's not much in this at all. Considering the P3 is supposed to be head and shoulders ahead as the best camera I thought it was only really better on about 60% of the shots. I'm pleasantly surprised at the results from the XR which I expected to be totally outclassed.