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  • Eufy Security Indoor Cam C120 review: Budget-friendly HomeKit Secure Video camera

    I agree this is a no-brainer and runs in line with other non-HomeKit options like Wyze cameras. 

    It's new products like this that makes me head-scratch why more HomeKit friendly vendors like Eve omit the very important HSV option in their offerings like their recent doorbell cam. Giving companies like Eufy and Arlo an opportunity to incorporate HSV in their less expensive offerings will certainly have me switching from Eve. 
  • Apple Vision Pro will launch with over 100 Apple Arcade games

    Of course, Microsoft takes over Blizzard in a few weeks, and I'm not sure if Microsoft wants Blizzard to provide any software for Apple devices or not. Microsoft will have its hands on Blizzard's helm soon. Microsoft favours the Xbox, for sure, but I just don't know which way Microsoft is going to turn Blizzard's rudder.

    Change isn't always bad. It's usually good. I'm optimistic.
    Well as very recent history shows us, optimism may be misplaced. Bungie is releasing a significant update of the once exclusive Mac game Marathon on all platforms...except Mac. 
  • Apple looking to hire machine learning engineers with an interest in generative AI

    The thought that the team that has developed the pathetic Siri is now going to provide AI integration is very disconcerting.
  • New Apple Health-compatible Withings scale offers weight & body composition analysis

    williamh said:
    I would love to know about the accuracy of the body composition analysis…

    Yes, I’m likewise curious, leaning to skeptical, on the accuracy and value of these results. I have a Renpho model and before that, a Yunmai smart scale that offered similar readings; but honestly, these stats were all over the place. Even after losing 20+ lbs, the Yunmai stated my BMI at the same place. Likewise, the blood pressure devices I’ve used have a small-to-moderate deviation in readings.

    Bottom line for me is that I use these devices’ readings as average indicators to my health status…should my BP read high on them over a couple of mornings, then I’ll use a more standard, trusted (manual) device to double-check the reading.
  • Oscars considering rule change to lock out Apple & Netflix

    I'm confused by this logic...does the Academy Awards represent movies or movie theaters? If Godfather had been distributed on Amazon or Titanic on Netflix, that means these are unworthy as a movie?