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  • Customers line up for iPhone 12 as pre-orders arrive

    I am actually surprised people that are not United States are waiting over night in line to get their iPhone 12's. The reason I'm getting an iPhone 12 is for 5G and possibility better reception in areas that are dead spots (like Georgetown in D.C. on T-Mobile) on my iPhone X. But no other country, outside the US, is getting 5G. The next snapdragon seems like it will be a more efficient 5G chip and I would wait for that if I was in another country. Luckily, I can get 5G, so I can go this cycle.
    Who says? People Outside of US will get 5G too with download speed up to 3.5 Gbps (100 times faster than 4G) 
  • Apple's Mac sees strong growth amid coronavirus-fueled PC market boom

    elijahg said:
    Apple's Mac segment grew nearly 39% year-over-year in the third quarter of 2020 amid double-digit growth across the broader PC market.

    Not sure if this is due to lack of data from IDC, or subterfuge by AI, but "double digit growth" is ridiculously broad. Presumably "across the broader PC market" means the growth of the PC market as a whole. If it does, it could could mean the overall PC market grew 10% and therefore Apple did great by growing 39%, or the market could have grown by 99% and Apple did terribly. Which is it?
    IDC says market growth 14.6% in 2020 Q3.
  • Apple Silicon will force industry to reconsider use of Intel chips, says ex-Apple exec

    All Macs will have better performance, better battery life, and cheaper. 
    they will surpass Mac Pro xeon Processor in a performance sector by using a server chips like 64 cores A15Z chips
    MacBook Air will not have fan, will be thinner and lighter and yet have geekbench score of more than 5000 in mulitscore and more than 1600 in single score

  • Apple's macOS 11 Big Sur marks the end of OS X, not the Mac

    "I think those guys are being total tools, honestly," said Federighi. "I mean, I don't how they can even begin to come up with that theory. I get people coming up asking if we can still launch Terminal? Yes, you can. These Macs are Macs. We're not changing any of this.
  • MWC Barcelona 2019 taunts Apple's absence in 5G and foldable screens

    Foldable phones will be flops.. even at the cheaper price, because it is difficult to imagine to most of the people actually carry and use it in their day to day life.