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  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    This is almost identical to what occurred to Microsoft Windows decades ago when they were the dominant monopoly. Regulation forced Microsoft to do all of this. They fought it hard, played all the same tricks all your comments are saying apple and Google will attempt. History repeats itself. 

    I’m honestly surprised Microsoft hasn’t been calling foul for decades where apple and Google get away with all the things M$ got in trouble for. 

    Skip to the lessons learned. M$ sacrificed windows OS and Office quality to satisfy regulations. By way of moving software development en mass to developers a country that did not use the product. This Quality disaster opened up the market for a new comer (Apple) to fill the void. If history repeats. Apple and Google sacrifice and open up a market to ????
  • Apple tells users to erase, restore iPhone and Apple Watch to fix Workout GPS data bug

    I have the latest update beta and it does not fix the issues with battery or gps. <begin rant>. Yes I’m very familiar with apples default response of wipe and load the watch. It’s a gamble of your time if that even works for the specific issues. It’s just a way for Apple to get you out of the store or off the phone most times.  This is not at all simple or short unless you are someone who barely uses the watch for anything. It can take a couple hours for backup and restore, if it works successfully the first time. plus 2 - 7 days for banks to revalidate the “it should be instant” Apple Pay. Plus phone calls where the banks blame Apple and Apple blames the banks. Plus COVID wait times. And don’t forget carriers that are unable to process activation on cellular and “nobody else has this issue” reported by many people. Then there are always apps that need to be reconfigured, data lost, etc. wipe and load should be a last resort. Oh and there is no way to validate a backup is good. I’ve had it happen twice where iTunes says the backup was corrupted, must start over as new watch. Especially on upgrading to a new watch restores are unreliable <end rant> 
  • Display lines on 27-inch iMac may be Radeon Pro 5700XT GPU issue

    I haven’t played games, but the line glitches appear, under idle conditions. 27” 10core i9, 128gb and 16gb 5700xt. I have not seen the tearing others have.
    on pc’s I’ve owned this was a spread spectrum/clocking/voltage fix. No idea how to test that on an iMac. 
  • Review: Apple's final Intel 27-inch iMac is going out with a bang

    Just an update.  8tb iMac 27”. Black magic write average 2,955MB/s and read average 2,608MB/s. 

    The black magic raw on the 5700xt 16gb shows 26 FPS on cpu and 55 FPS on gpu. 
  • Review: Apple's final Intel 27-inch iMac is going out with a bang

    The article mentions 2666 vs 2933 is unexplained. I’ll take a stab at this. 2933 modules I’ve researched are almost identical in performance to 2666. Take Kingston hyperX 2666 CL16-18-18 vs 2933 CL17-19-19. They are almost identical chips. In fact Kingston sells the 2933 module with a 2666 xmp profile. The interface clock speed is faster, so the chips take more cycles to grab the data. End result is higher cost no benefit. You have to jump to the 3xxx, 4xxx XMP chips to see noticeable results.