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  • Apple earned 66% of the entire smartphone market's profits in 2019

    Apple has single-handily proven how lucrative it is to gouge your customers. Suckers. I say that not because Apple customers pay too much for products and services, but rather they demand so little from Apple in turn. Gone is the day when Apple gave its customers the best user experience possible for a modest premium. Instead, it delivers a hobbled user experience at obscene premiums. Hey, but at least shareholders are happy. Just for the record, I'm still a sucker too. But I rue every Apple product purchase and buy the cheapest offering since it makes nothing I want. I simply replace failed products, treading water, hoping Apple will return to its model of excellence when Cook steps down.
  • Editorial: No, the new 2019 Mac Pro isn't a fairy tale come true

    I'm sorry, but I cannot justify the iMac as a prosumer Mac. I want my Mac to be readily repairable, upgradable and expandable. You know, like they were under Steve Jobs. I don't mind paying a small premium for that as long as the build quality is there, but double retail? Uh, no.
  • Inside Apple's fantastically fast new Mac Pro

    I've nothing against Apple targeting the pro market, even though its current hardware offerings are anything but pro, but I really wanted a prosumer desktop Mac to replace my cheese grater. Apple did not address this niche at all and, by the looks of how its priced the new Mac Pro, it does not look as if it plans to. Why do that when Apple can charge double retail?
  • Mac shipments grow slightly, but Apple's PC market share shrinks [u]

    I am a decades long staunch customer who was passionate for (nearly) everything Apple for decades. Today, I'm not even remotely satisfied with Apple. It has lost its mojo and is nothing but yet another boring behemoth corporation. I guess nobody polled me or my friends. We're all pretty disgusted with the trajectory Apple is on today.
  • Apple Environmental Report demystified - what it all means to the consumer

    I understand why corporations like a subscription model, dependably predictable income to keep shareholder returns high. Planned obsolescence is but a form of that, the continual buying of a product that has an arbitrarily fixed service life simply to increase sales. That trick is as old as I can recall, though it's really kicked in a big way over the past few decades. How ironic and morally bankrupt that companies would support this model as environmental concerns increase. Shame on Apple for playing a huge role in this. No amount of spin how Apple recycles products can ever make up for the damage it is directly causing to the Earth. There is simply no excuse for why its products cannot be readily repaired, upgraded, and expanded. One cannot even swap out a battery without shipping it to Apple for repair. Utterly ridiculous. For Apple to even suggest it cares about the environment is disingenuous at best; Tim Cook cares only about shareholder returns. Period. The worst part is that Apple's huge success using planned obsolescence has pushed the personal computer industry in that direction so that it has become the new norm. So much in fact that a majority of younger consumers don't even question this. There oughta be a law. I'm going to stop commenting now; expletives are hurling throughout my mind and I don't want them to spill out.